VIDEO: Michael J. Fox, Playing Marty McFly Again

Here's a great bit of promotion for the upcoming release of the Back to the Future films on Blu-ray – even though, ostensibly, it was actually made to promote Spike TV's awards show, during which a number of the films' cast will be reunited… in order to promote the upcoming release of the films on Blu-ray. The marketing snake is eating its own head. As always.

So, for the first time in almost two decades, Michael J. Fox has reprised the role of Marty McFly. How can you not want to see this?

If you're the kind of superfan they're referring to, you'll recognise that clip as a reconstruction of the film's original teaser.

I had a dream recently that Robert Zemeckis made another Back to the Future sequel, casting Fox and Christopher Lloyd again and having them also play younger versions of themselves by means of a Benjamin Button style hybrid of performance capture and doubles. Since then, it's become something of a daydream too. I don't think the idea is too far fetched, you know…

Okay. Maybe it is. But I think it's now technically possible, anyway. Or at least nearly so.

I think this little promo was a great clip. Thanks to the We're Going Back Twitter feed for the heads up.