Pro-Life Horror Film Gets A Real Humdinger Of A Trailer

Watch this trailer for The Life Zone first, and then we'll discuss it afterwards. Turn the volume up, the lights down and watch it full screen. Give it every chance you can.


Wow. That's very confusing.

Any ideas on what I'm supposed to take away from that? It probably helps to know that it's the work of right wingers, but I'm still rather perplexed.

The IMDB bio for Kenneth Del Vecchio, the writer and producer of this little beauty, is quite a showstopper too. Here are my edited highlights, some of which are literally unbelievable:

Nickname: Kenny D

The New York Times, in profiling Kenneth Del Vecchio's unique Renaissance Man accomplishments, wrote "As usual Mr. Del Vecchio was larger than life." Kenneth Del Vecchio is an acclaimed filmmaker who has written, produced and directed over a dozen feature films that star 50+ film and TV stars, including several Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees.

In 1995, Kenneth Del Vecchio became one of the youngest attorneys in state history to try and win a criminal jury trial when he successfully defended a wrongfully accused man against firearms charges in Newark, New Jersey. A year later, he had his first novel published and toured the East Coast on a book-signing tour. Selling more books than John Grisham did in his first novel release, Del Vecchio expanded to filmmaking in 1998.

Since then, he has written, directed and produced over a dozen feature films that star multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees. These critically acclaimed films, and others, also feature Del Vecchio in lead and supporting acting roles.

As founder and chairman of Hoboken International Film Festival, Del Vecchio has created one of the world's largest film festivals.

His filmography includes An Affirmative Act, iMurders, Fake, O.B.A.M. Nude, Kinky Killers, Three Chris's, Alone in the Dark 2, The Drum Beats Twice, Here and There, Pride & Loyalty, Tinsel Town, The Crimson Mask, and Rules For Men. All shot on 35mm film and the subject of substantial critical acclaim.

Has an IQ of genius level.

This guy is about thirty seconds away from becoming an internet meme, surely?

The image I've used alongside the bio comes from his own website. That's worth a good surf too.

Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for the trailer.