Marvel Counting Down To New Ultimate Spider-Man – Will It Be A Black Wednesday?

Okay, so this is how they are playing it. Counting down till the revelation of who the next Ultimate Spider-Man will be after the death of Peter Parker. The character will be revealed in next week's issue of Ultimate Fallout and probably, given the anthology feel of the issues so far, putting on the costume on the last page.

Marvel are anticipating a media storm which means a) they'll leak the story to the Associated Press on Monday night and b) there's a possibility that the new character could be African American. That's probably what you'd need to get the massive press coverage that Marvel are promising and as Bleeding Cool has pointed out, it's about time.

And if so, and if it is Ben Reilly, the young black scientist with vials of Peter Parker's DNA with which he could get spider powers, expect those copies Ultimate Spider-Man #61 with his first experience to rocket in value.

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