The Secret Service From Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons And Matthew Vaughn (UPDATE)

This one goes back. Waaaaay back.

Indeed, the first news story ever published on Bleeding Cool had this headline:

Mark Millar And Dave Gibbons To Create New Comic Together

We later found out that Matthew Vaughn was a co-creator too. Whether this means he'll be making a film out of the comic, I can't guess, but it was definitely the intention somewhere along the line. Let's just see the comic come out first.

And it will be out before too long now – in February 2012, apparently. And it's a spy drama. And it's going to be called The Secret Service. And that's anotherr Bleeding Cool scoop.

I can see the "From the creator of Kick-Ass and the creator of Watchmen" ads already. And then they can stick "and the director of X-Men" on the end by the time it needs to go on the side of buses.

UPDATE: Comics Book Resources have now run teaser artwork from the comic.