Guy Ritchie Takes Over Man From UNCLE

Whatever reasons Steven Soderbergh had for walking away from The Man From UNCLE aren't upsetting to Guy Ritchie as he's now made a deal with Warner Bros. to take up the reigns and make it the first project from his new production "imprint" at the studio.

Judging from Deadline's report, Ritchie will be keeping the script by Scott Z. Burns. That's an odd combination. I dare say some rewriting will occur.

Now the idle mind of speculation runs off, wondering who Ritchie will be casting in the lead roles. I'd guess a pretty deciding factor would be what kind of a budget he can get set for the film. I wouldn't be surprised if Warners would writer a bigger check when promised an action film from Ritchie than… well, a Soderbergh film from Soderbergh.

I'm also daydreaming about what Ritchie could call this new production set-up he's starting. With the first name Guy, the second name Ritchie and a collaborator called Lionel Wigram also on board, I'm hoping for some Adam and Joe "Made up Jokes" level of distorted, strained nonsense.