Sneak Peek: Grant Morrison – Dinosaurs Vs Aliens For Free Comic Book Day

Dynamite's Free Comic Book Day offering this year is Dinosaurs Vs Aliens, a preview of the upcoming graphic novel by Barry Sonnenfeld, Grant Morison and Mukesh Singh. Not only do we see art and sketches, but we also get script and background behind the series creation. Which tells so much more about what we'll be able to expect from the comic.

The script makes clear what these images suggest. These are dinosaurs with intelligence, craft and more importantly, culture. In an address to the reader Barry Sonnenfeld explains that with Dinosaurs Vs Aliens, he is retelling the story of the colonisation of the United States, represented by Earth, with the dinosaurs as Native Americans and the aliens being the invading Europeans. Grant Morrison writes;


We also get a description, and a naming, of some of the central cast.


And, to recall that this isn't just about the dinosaurs, we also get a look at the aliens…

Dinosaurs Vs Aliens: Free Comic Book Day should be available at all participating comic shops on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May the 5th.


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