First Image From Vincenzo Natali's Haunter, Plus David Hewlett On Getting Naked In The Rain

In case our previous coverage of Vincenzo Natali's work hasn't iterated this enough, I've been following the director's work since my teens and every time he announces a new film I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside like I've just swallowed a live hamster. His current project, Haunter, stars Abigail Breslin as a girl who dies under mysterious circumstances and is trapped as a spirit in the house where she used to live. It's a ghost tale told from the perspective of the ghost, and thanks to Deadline we now have the first promotional still of Breslin in character.

According to a recent tweet from Natali regular David Hewlett, the Haunter shoot is about a week away from completion. Hewlett has also been dropping hints about his role in the film, namely that at some point he will be naked and in the rain.

Visited Haunter set, where I hear I may be acting naked & outdoors in the rain. I'm so never eating …or working for Vincenzo ever again! ;-)

Apparently nude rain scene a brilliant joke by my cruel & evil producing & director overlords (formerly friends) & yes I was the butt of it!

So to recap, a Vincenzo Natali horror film which also features David Hewlett in what some would call his natural state of existence. I'm so there that I might have to locate and employ the use of a time machine so that I can be there twice, to accommodate the amount of thereness that will be required.