First Trailer For The Transporter TV Series

Later this year, Cinemax will unveil their TV version of The Transporter. The original Europacorp movies starred Jason Statham in the title role of Frank Martin, driver for hire, but he's been replaced by Chris Vance for the small screen spin-off.

See how much Martin's hair has grown out in this first trailer.

As this is on Cinemax and they won't have the budget and time to pull off some the same calibre of car action, I reckon the plan will be to make up the adrenalin shortfall with nudity and softcore bouncing about.

Talking of which, Andrea Osvart has been cast as the sometime CIA agent who will be Martin's number one love interest on the show.

François Berléand will reprise his role from the movies, friendly cop Inspector Tarconi. He seems to be the only real bit of continuity in the casting.

Digital Spy remind us that the original showrunners quit two episodes in and that their first replacement also walked away before too long. Not encouraging.