The Coens' Ancient Rome Film May Be Hail Caesar After All


When we first heard that the Coen Brothers' next film might be a swords-and-sandals epic set in ancient Rome, I immediately speculated it could be a revived version of Hail Caesar, which they had intended to make some years back, and now it appears that hunch may have been at least partially correct.

Doing the rounds for their latest, Inside Llewyn Davis, and speaking to Anne Thompson, they hint that Hail Caesar may indeed be alive again and it may just be their next project.

Joel: We've been working on that one.

Ethan: It's about the movie business and life and religion and faith. Faith and the movie business. It's still George.

Joel: There's a good chance that would be next.

So that sounds less like a swords-and-sandals ancient Rome epic than it once did, but the two could possibly be one in the same, since Hail Caesar was originally about an acting troupe (now a film production) trying to put on a swords-and-sandals epic set in ancient Rome.

So what we know so far: Hail Caesar is still alive, and George Clooney is still attached, and it may just be their next film. It may be the ancient Rome film they were talking about earlier, but that may be a different project altogether. Whatever it is, I can't wait for it. We'll get all this sorted out eventually.

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