Snow Piercer No Longer Getting A Wide Release In The US, But At Least They Won't Cut It‏


Yesterday, if you wanted to see an uncut version of Bong Joon Ho's beloved, apocalyptic comic book adaptation Snow Piercer in the USA, you'd have to import a copy from France or Korea, once they were released.

Today, that's only true for most of America.

Because, according to Deadline, Harvey Weinstein has scrapped his plans to release a cut version of the film across America and is instead going to release the director's cut in just a few cities. Which cities? They're not saying yet, but it won't be many. Deadline's transparently pro-Weinstein story says the film isn't being dumped…

…but it is. This is a dumping. This is a huge, accessible, polished sci-fi film with a famous cast including Chris Evans. There's no reason Snow Piercer can't play wide and be a hit.

It's clear that Weinstein hasn't changed his mind about American audiences. He still thinks they're too stupid to pay money to see this film. He's apparently more confident in a few local audiences. Isn't that condescending?

Ah well. He's the businessman here and he owns the rights to do what he wants with the film. Doesn't change the fact that this is an awful release strategy and an insult to film lovers, if not indeed more or less every body in America.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing what Bong Joon-Ho has to say about this. Deadline have claimed a truce between the director and Weinstein, but… well, that headline may well have been written for them by one of the Weinstein slaves if not Harvey Scissorhands himself.

I'll be sure to tell you when the uncut Blu-ray and DVD are available for import.