Spider-Man Could Have Been In Captain America: Civil War, And Marvel Studios Could Have Made A New Trilogy Of Spider-Man Films With Sony

spider-man-out-the-amazing-spider-man-3-is-there-any-chance-of-civil-warSome folks have asked why Marvel Studios have been playing all hardball with Fox over X-Men and Fantastic Four rights, but all happy-go-lucky with Sony and the Spider-Man rights.

The Wall St Journal may have the answer, after poring through data released during the recent Sony hack.

They show that Sony and Marvel have discussed including Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie – in the original comic series, Spider-Man played a prominent part which led to his decision to unmask.

There were also discussed plans between chief executives for Marvel to produce a new Spider-Man trilogy of films from Marvel Studios, while Sony keeps "creative control, marketing and distribution".

However they sadly came to nothing. And instead there are the planned Venom and Sinister Six, an animated comedy from the Lego Movie folk.

Sill… what could have been… and at least the channels of communication are open.

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