Udderly Gigantic Humble Bundle From Top Cow

ArtemislX_01-1I'm going to go into this admitting that I am biased here. Top Cow has hooked up with Humble Bundle to offer up what they are calling the Humble Comics Bundle: Udderly Gigantic Top Cow Collection… get it… udders… anyway. You can get $600 worth of Top Cow digital comics at pay-what-you-want price. This is in association with the Top Cow Talent Hunt going on now.

So why am I biased? Well, first off I write for Top Cow and some of the books / title I've worked on are included in the bundle. Titles like Artifacts, Tales of Honor and Artemis IX along with other great Top Cow series like Witchblade, IXth Generation, Aphrodite IX, The Tithe, The Darkness, Postal and Midnight Nation. There are of course different tiers where you can get more books depending on what you choose to pay and other books that will be added as goals are reached.

The second reason I am biased is because of the charities involved. The Hero Initiative and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Both are amazing and very needed organizations that help the people that make and bring you the comics you enjoy regularly.

So if you are a fan of digital comics, of Top Cow comics, you want to help out the charities or if you just want to see if I can write and/or if the typos I make here carry over into my printed work… then go check out this humble bundle. You have until Nov 4th… but why wait?

And for more on the Hero Initiative click here.

And more on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund click here.




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