Daisy Ridley On The Possibility Of A Love Story And Other Tales Of The Star Wars

In this video interview from BadTaste.It, Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley discusses whether or not there is room in the film for a love story … or if one is even necessary.


Meanwhile, Flicks and the City has uploaded video from the Star Wars Press Conference on Sunday. Most of the key details made the news late Sunday, but the video offers the full flavor of the event and the magic of Carrie Fisher. The two videos also illustrate how moderator Mindy Kaling put together interviews without seeing the film; awkward pauses and all.



Lastly in this all-video Tales of the Star Wars, actor and singer Rick Springfield shared his Star Wars action figure collection with Rolling Stone. The magazine also visits a Star Wars action figure auction, where collectors discuss the rarest figures in Springfield's collection and curious Turkish bootlegs.