Star Trek: Discovery Delays Launch To May 2017


Despite the excitement every time a bit of news leaks out from the drydock of Star Trek: Discovery, it seems fans of the television franchise will have to wait a little longer for its first full episode.

Deadline reports CBS has pushed the series' January debut to May. The first episode will still premiere on CBS's broadcast network with all subsequent episodes debuting on the company's CBS All Access streaming service. Internationally, the show will be streamed on Netflix.

The reason cited for the delay is an issue of quality. "We aim to dream big and deliver, and that means making sure the demands of physical and post-production for a show that takes place entirely in space, and the need to meet an air date, don't result in compromised quality," said executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller in a statement.

Production was initially slated to begin shortly and according to Deadline, casting is currently underway. The new series is said to focus on a female first officer to be known initially only as "Number One." Fuller previously said the character will be "on a journey that is going to teach her how to get along with others in the galaxy … For her to truly understand something that is alien, she has to first understand herself."

Star Trek: Discovery debuts in May, 2017.