How Marvel Will Increase Orders For Inhumans Vs X-Men Party Promotions

How can retailers qualify for the Inhumans Vs X-Men "party" promotions? And what will they get?

Here's the skinny.

They must order IVX #1 at 300% of their orders for Extraordinary X-Men #11.


Those who do can then order as many copies the IVX #1 Zdarsky Deadpool Party Variant (now without Deadpool). And will receive a free copy of the IVX #1 Zdarsky Deadpool Party Sketch Variant.

They can order as many copies of the  IVX 1 Christopher Action Figure Variant, the IVX 1 Santiago Hip-Hop Variant, IVX #1 Del Mundo Black Panther 50th Anniversary Variant and the  IVX #1 Blank Variant.

They can also order two copies of the IVX #1 Prem. Variant.

They will get a free bundle of 100 postcards ahead of sale to promote the comic.


They will get a free bundle of 20 lithographs.

They will get 25 Marvel 2017 calendars.


They will get 1:50  IVX 1 Rocafort Variants


They can also order the Michael Cho, Dodson Inhumans and Syef X-Men variants, as may as they wish.


If they push their orders to 350% of Extraordinary X-Men #11, they will get  an extra 15% discount off your total invoiced quantity of IVX #1 for all orders received by the FOC. 10% for 300%. 5% for 350%.

So… who's in?

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