Clique-Bait: Comic Folk Describe Their Creative Process With A GIF

When Marvel Comics executive and guy who never misbehaves on Twitter Tom Brevoort said, in his statement announcing that he will probably quit the social media service, "I think my time on Twitter is coming to an end. There's simply no conversation to be had here anymore, just anger & fodder for clickbait."

The anger, we'll give him. Twitter can be pretty rough, with all the big name Marvel comic book creators and editor vanity searching and then arguing with anyone who doesn't like their work. It's a downright hostile environment, and we agree with Tom 100% on that.

But "fodder for clickbait?" Sir, we don't appreciate these accusations. The comic book media is an important institution whose integrity is essential to the health of the comics industry, and must never be maligned. The day that we become so lazy that simply copying tweets into an article passes for journalism will be the day that Marvel lies about why they canceled the Fantastic Four.

In unrelated news, comic book creators took to Twitter today to participate in the hashtag #DescribeYourCreativeProcessWithAGif. Here's some of your favorite comic book creators and what their creative process might look like if it were a gif:

So as we were saying, Tom, your claim is totally baseless.

Here's ours, by the way:

And also:

Though we need to update that one — it's been a while.

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