Dataminers Discover Upright Orc Models Inside World of Warcraft

So apparently there's more hidden in the Battle for Azeroth expansion for World of Warcraft than you may think as dataminers have discovered some specific models that may have you looking at orcs in a very different way. Check out the video below where a YouTube channel for WoWhead has discovered a bunch of animations in the expansion for male orcs standing upright, which has rightfully been assumed is customizations for the characters. This includes poses like laughing and making chicken wing poses to call out people, which look alright but kind of funky just sitting on an open plain of existence with nothing to back it up.

Now that this has been revealed, we set our watches to see how long it takes Blizzard to confirm the news and let players know this content is on the way. The video has been up since March 6th and a few different outlets have picked up on it this weekend that will surely catch the eyes of the devs. Considering what you see is pretty much cosmetic and not really a game-breaking discovery, we lay odds you'll see it sooner than later as the company will probably now go to greater lengths to protect any content from coming out earlier than expected.

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