The Daily LITG, 17th August 2019, Happy Birthday Trina Robbins

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The 13 most-read stories yesterday

  1. More Flip-Flopping by DC Comics Over the Legion Of Super-Heroes?
  2. DC Comics November 2019 Solicitations, 30 Titles Frankensteined
  3. "The Flash" Season 6: Danielle Panabaker's "Hall of Villains" Post [Image]
  4. "Animal Kingdom": [SPOILERS] Death Was "Smurf-tastic" Move [Opinion]
  5. What If… DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes and 5G Were Planning a Similar Story to House Of X?
  6. Art Spiegelman Says Marvel Demanded He Remove Reference to Donald Trump as the 'Orange Skull'
  7. Injustice Superman Makes His Landing As Preview Exclusive
  8. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia": A "Sunny" Season 14 Scene [VIDEO]
  9. The Bankruptcy Of Loot Crate, the Subscription Service That Changed Comics
  10. The Final Days of the Walmart Exclusive DC Comics 100-Page Giants – and How the Relaunch Will Begin
  11. Were "Superman" #14 and "Supergirl" #33 Destroyed Over Racial Concerns? (Spoilers)
  12. DC Comics Reveals Four Of The Infected Secret Six – Do We Have the Other Two?
  13. Four Mark Bagley Absolute Carnage Sketches Found – Are They Worth $20,000 Each?

Happening today…

And a happy birthday to…

Photo by Rlarret
  • Trina Robbins, underground cartoonist of It Ain't Me, Babe and Wimmen's Comix, artist on Wonder Woman, comics historian, writer on Marvel's Fearless.
  • Rachel Pollack, writer on Doom Patrol.
  • John S. Romita Jr, co-creator of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, creator of Gray Area, artist on Superman: Year One.
  • Andrew Helfer, DC editor, writer on The Shadow, creator of the Paradox Press imprint at DC.
  • Peter Timony, author of Sir Roland, Night Owls, Detectobot
  • Bobby Timony, author of Sir Roland, Night Owls, Detectobot
  • Greg Kerr, creator of Cur Comix
  • Douglass Barre, creator of Defiance and Chimerical Tales
  • Tom McLean, author of Mutant Cinema: The X-Men Trilogy from Comics to Screen.

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