Ava's Demon Kicks Half A Million on Kickstarter for Skybound

Ava's Demon Kicks Half A Million on Kickstarter for Skybound

In an interesting plot twist, it looks like Skybound/Image's Ava's Demon created by Michelle Czajkowski is The Little Kickstarter that Could and has already more than doubled the much buzzed about Nocterra promo Kickstarter from Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel and is currently the eighth highest funded comics project on the increasingly popular crowdfunding platform […]

Fargo | Inside Installment 4: Noah Hawley | FX

Fargo Season 4 Cast Discuss the Creative Mind of Noah Hawley

With the fourth season nearing its halfway point with this Sunday's episode "The Birthplace of Civilization," Fargo creator Noah Hawley and season star/executive producer Chris Rock have crafted a season of the FX/FX on Hulu's unlike any of the previous three. In fact, when it comes to scope, style, and structure, Hawley has crafted a massive […]

Batman Batsuit V7.43 Comes to Life with Prime 1 Studio

Batman Batsuit V7.43 Comes to Life with Prime 1 Studio

Batman returns to Prime 1 Studio once again as they announce another statue from the hit video game Batman: Arkham Knight. The statue will feature the V7.43 Batsuit and will be 1/3rd scale stating in at roughly 33" tall. The statue shows of Dark Knight as he stands over Gotham City on his dynamic dioramic […]

Second and Third Printings for Death Metal and Spawn

Second and Third Printing for Death Metal and Spawn

Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 is getting a third printing, out on the 10th of November. And it's not alone, joined by Spawn #309 going to third printings, with #308 and #310 get second printings each for the 11th of November. Here are the solicits for each: DARK NIGHTS DEATH METAL #3 (OF 7) 3RD […]

The Outsider looks to be returning for a second season (Image: HBO)

Stephen King Updates The Outsider S02, Mr. Mercedes S04, The Stand

When it comes to author Stephen King, we've pretty much accepted the fact that it's his wonderful and weird and we just live in it- and we're kinda okay with that. When you consider that King adaptations have become much like the British Empire back during its peak in that the sun never sets on […]

Atari Shows Off New Images Of Proposed Las Vegas Atari Hotel

This morning, Atari and GSD Group decided to show off more images for the proposed Atari Hotel set to be in Las Vegas. Back at the start of the year, the announcement was made that they would be doing a special line of hotels with the company's branding, which would both look slightly futuristic while […]

Unboxing The Marvel Bronze Age Folio Society

Unboxing Marvel: The Bronze Age 1970–1980 From The Folio Society

Concluding their Marvel Ages trilogy from The Folio Society, Marvel: The Bronze Age 1970–1980 curated by Roy Thomas, with an introduction by Chris Claremont includes landmark tales of Spider-Man, Hulk, Luke Cage, Captain America, X-Men, Iron Man and The Eternals.  Ian Jepson provides a yellow cover design ravaged by Wolverine's claws, while a mosaic of […]

Titans star Curran Walters as Jason Todd aka Robin aka Red Hood (Image: WarnerMedia)

Titans Cinematographer Announces Start of Season 3 Filming

Between a pandemic and corporate upheaval within WarnerMedia, fans of the live-action Titans series were left scratching their heads about the series' future. Those questions finally received some answers over the summer and at the beginning of the fall, with the now-HBO Max series (RIP DC Universe) not only returning for a third season but […]

Spider-Man Becomes Joins Sentinel’s Fighting Armor Figure Line

Spider-Man Becomes Joins Sentinel's Fighting Armor Figure Line

We have previously covered the new Fighting Armor Marvel figure series from Sentinel. Iron Man was the first figure to be released and now Spider-Man is swinging on in next. The figure line shows new "Sentinelized" designs for some of your favorite Marvel. These figures feature great amounts of detail and high amounts of articulation […]

Crossover Is The Biggest Image Comics Launch Since Danger Girl

I'm hearing that Image Comics' highly anticipated Crossover #1 by Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Dee Cunniffe, and John J. Hill, which Image is already comparing to Watchmen, has topped 150,000 orders at FOC—making it the highest ordered new series from Image Comics since Danger Girl #1 in 1998. It's even higher than Mark Millar and […]

This Is Us series return key art (Image: NBCU)

This Is Us Season 5 Teaser Promises A New Chapter, A Fresh Start

With less than two weeks to go until NBC and creator Dan Fogelman's award-winning This Is Us returns for a fifth season (moved up from November 10 to October 27) with a two-hour season premiere, fans are getting a fresh first-look at the next chapter in The Pearsons' lives. Viewers were already teased/warned going the season […]

Giratina Origin Raid Hour is Tonight in Pokémon GO

Giratina Origin Forme Raid Hour Is Tonight In Pokémon GO

Giratina Origin Forme Raid Hour is happening tonight in Pokémon GO from 6 PM – 7 PM local time. During this event, most gyms on the nearby will be taken over by Tier Five eggs that, when the clock strikes six, will hatch the Renegade Pokémon: the Ghost/Dragon-type Giratina. Our tips for Giratina Raid Hour in Pokémon […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

Speculation Over *That* Amazing Spider-Man #50 Ending, Were We Right?

Today sees the big reveal of Kindred in Amazing Spider-Man #50. Or at least half of the reveal. We know who – just. We don't yet know why or how. But Bleeding Cool has been making some speculation of late and now it all comes into play. There are spoilers ahead. Big, whopping spoilers – […]

Star Trek: Discovery released the opening credits for Season 3 (Image: CBS All Access)

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Opening Title Scene Ripe for Speculation

In case you weren't really feeling the vibe surrounding the return of Star Trek: Discovery to CBS All Access for a third season, the streaming service is hitting you with something that's become an unofficial tradition before a season makes it debut. Sure, we saw Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Wilson Cruz, […]

Cox & Florida Mutineers Announce Call Of Duty: Warzone Tournament

Cox & Florida Mutineers Announce Call Of Duty: Warzone Tournament

Cox Communications revealed a new esports event today with the Elite Gamer Call Of Duty: Warzone Tournament Series. The event will be hosted by the COD League team Florida Mutineers, with teams competing for cash prizes from a prize pool. $20k will be awarded to the first and second place teams, with $15k going to first […]

Mirka Andolfo Promises More Mercy For 2021

Mirka Andolfo Promises Mercy Sequel, Merciless From Image For 2021

Mirka Andolfo's Mercy was a big hit for Image Comics even a) with the pandemic shutdown and b) translating a comic book that had already been published in another language. But following on from Unnatural and the Ablaze translation of Un/Sacred, as well as working for DC on Bombshells, RWBY, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, Andolfo has […]

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling – Moose and EC3 Finally Come Fist to Face

In the second hour of Impact Wrestling, Kylie Rae gets mean, Eric Young gets angry, and Moose gets his hands on EC3. Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Impact Wrestling report. We watch Impact, so you don't have to. Though you should, it's a good show. Impact Wrestling Report for October 13th, 2020 Part 2 Jimmy Jacobs […]

Reigns: Beyond Arrives On Apple Arcade This Week

Devolver Digital revealed today that they have brought their latest game Reigns: Beyond to Apple Arcade for you to play today. In case you haven't played any games from the series before. this is Nerial's continuation of its multimillion-selling Reigns title, bringing about more chaos in space as a rock band looking for stardom. This […]

X Of Swords, Handbook

Callings, Clones and the Sheriff Of Blightspoke In Today's X Of Swords

There are three rules that the Quiet Council of Krakoa established, in House Of X. And today's X Of Swords Handbook reminds us of them. Make more mutants being the first. And in today's Captain Marvel #24, featuring Carol Danvers going through her own Days Of Future Past, and meeting up with an older permanently-diamond […]

Supernatural -- "Gimme Shelter" -- Image Number: SN1515B_0248r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Supernatural Final Eps Treat Show History "Properly": Jared Padalecki

With Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins), and Jack's (Alexander Calvert) final seven-episode assault on God aka Chuck (Rob Benedict) currently underway, the SPN Family can expect a ton of interviews and nostalgic look-backs at the previous 14 seasons as well as how Ackles and Padalecki handled on a number of levels […]

The Seasons Change: Part 2 Event Surprises Pokémon GO Players

Pokémon GO's Strange Eggs: How To Get Them & What They Hatch

For a long time, the only Eggs in Pokémon GO have been 2KM, 5KM, and 10KM Eggs from Pokéstops and 7KM Eggs from Gifts. Now, the new Strange Eggs have been introduced into the game. These 12KM Eggs are available to trainers only in a very specific situation and hatch a small but interesting pool of […]

Hero Tomorrow Comics Switched Distribution To Kickstarter

Hero Tomorrow Comics Switches To Kickstarter For Punchline

Hero Tomorrow Comics president and writer, Ted Sikora has issued the following open letter about these difficult times, and what's happening with his Punchline character. He writes; Hero Tomorrow Comics (Tap Dance Killer and Apama The Undiscovered Animal) has traditionally distributed through Diamond Comics. Additionally, an equally large portion of our business model came from […]

The official logo of Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling – Crazzy Steve Gets to Second Base with Fallah Bahh

In the first hour of Impact Wrestling, Rosemary makes wedding plans, Crazzy Steve gets to second base with Fallah Bahh, and it's Deaner vs. Deaner. Welcome to Bleeding Cool's Impact Wrestling report. We watch Impact, so you don't have to. Though you should, it's a good show. Impact Wrestling Report for October 13th, 2020 Part […]

Universal Studios Hollywood Has Laid Off More Than 2200 People

Universal Studios Hollywood Has Laid Off More Than 2200 People

The theme park industry is just something that could not cope in a COVID-19 world. These places that rely so much on large crowds of people, sometimes very much one on top of the other at times, were shuttered back in the spring. There has been a lot of debate about what a theme park […]

First Punisher Original Artwork Goes to Auction, Estimated $2 Million

The original artwork for Amazing Spider-Man #129 featuring the first appearance of The Punisher, is going to auction, and the owners are estimating it may sell for $2,000,0000. The comic book, by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru published in 1974 is a collector's item in its own right, but the cover artwork by Gil Kane […]

Stranger Things 4 writers shared a look at the scripts. (Image: Netflix)

Stranger Things 4 Writers Share Ep Titles Because Someone Asked Nicely

So it seems the writers behind Netflix and The Duffer Bros.' Stranger Things 4 were in a giving mood this week, and the fans were better for it. Slightly less than two weeks after it was announced that production on the righteously popular sci-fi drama was resuming, we've learned the names of the second and […]

WhisperGames Announces October Night Games For Late October

WhisperGames Announces October Night Games For Late October

The folks over at October Night Games announced with WhisperGames that they are releasing a new game of the same name. In a weird kind of development where they share the name of the game with their studio to make things a tad confusing, the Berlin-based indie developer has meshed several genres into a digital […]

Little Bird Sequel, Precious Metal, Now From Image in 2021

Little Bird Sequel, Precious Metal, Now From Image in 2021

Little Bird by Darcy Van Poelgeest, Ian Bertram, Matt Hollingsworth, Aditya Bidikar and Ben Didier was a bit of a hit for Image Comics in 2019 and snapped up an Eisner Award in the process. You can read the first issue for free, here. Before it was even finished being published, Poelgeest promised a sequel, […]

The official logo for the WWE Draft

WWE Draft Night 2 Results and Analysis – Who Else Changed Brands?

WWE held the second part of a two-part draft on Monday Night Raw; an event hammered home by commentary and others as one that would forever "alter the landscape" of Raw and Smackdown, in case you were wondering what the corporate buzz phrase of the week was. The pools of superstars were divided in half […]

Aquanox: Deep Descent Gets A New Explanation Trailer

Aquanox: Deep Descent Gets A New Explanation Trailer

The folks at THQ Nordic decided to make a special trailer to introduce people to the world of Aquanox: Deep Descent. Apparently, the developers recognize that while longtime gamers may recognize the Aquanox name when it comes to old-school titles, most modern fans who came into gaming in the past decade may have no idea […]

WWE Star Dave Bautista is outspoken about his dislike of Donald Trump.

He-Man, Charmed and Dave Bautista – The Daily LITG, 14th October 2020

Welcome to the Daily LITG. The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but there are highlights. And at Bleeding Cool you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies and more. Including He-Man, Charmed, Dave Bautista and so much more.  The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running […]

Final Destination Creator Confirms Another Film is Coming

Final Destination (also known as the franchise that heightened my paranoia) has been a dormant franchise for nine years, and it's about time we see another film. What began as a film that seemingly rebelled against fate, a group of teens was saved by a vision of their impending deaths. The act of escaping their […]

Larian Studios Reveals So Much More About Baldur's Gate 3

Larian Studios Shares First Insights Of Baldur's Gate 3's Early Access

Larian Studios decided to share some of their findings from the Early Access of Baldur's Gate 3, and there are some interesting facts. First off, the demand for the game was so high there was a blackout at one point trying to get the game, so that was promising for the devs. This included those […]

Yen Press Announces New Publishing Plans for Haruhi Suzumiya Novels

Yen Press Announces New Publishing Plans for Haruhi Suzumiya Novels

Yen Press announced new plans to re-release the Haruhi Suzumiya Light Novels today.  Two new volumes of the original Haruhi Suzumiya novel series will be published every month, leading up to the June 2021 release of the new book The Intuition of Haruhi Suzumiya. Yen Press had previously published the series in 10 books between […]

QuaranSCREAM Brings Immersive Horror to a Live Audience

QuaranSCREAM Brings Immersive Horror to a Live Audience

Being toted as a post-covid theater experience, QuaranSCREAM is an upcoming adaptation of the 1996 film Scream, that will merge different mediums into one immersive audience experience.   This "reimagining" of the cult classic horror film is a first of it's kind, with the website for the event reading, "Scary year, isn't it? With the […]

The Seasons Change: Part 2 Event Surprises Pokémon GO Players

Pawniard, Sandile, & Vullaby Are Live In Pokémon GO

Three new Generation Five species from the Unova region have arrived in Pokémon GO. Pawniard, Sandile, and Vullaby cannot be caught in the wild, though. Read on to find out how you can obtain these brand new releases and add them to your Pokédex. Currently, Pawniard, Sandile, and Vullaby are only obtainable through the new 12KM […]