Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Travis Moore Join Wonder Woman #770

The Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman solicitation from DC Comics, by Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad and Jen Bartel, reads "The Undoing are coming. Long past the Age of Heroes, few of Diana Prince's friends survive, and most of her sisters have passed as well. As an immortal goddess, this is her lot. But then, a […]

The Expanse offered a preview of season 5 (Image: screencap)

The Expanse Season 5 Preview: Naomi Doesn't Want Holden's Help

Even with the shadow of the news that the series would be ending its run with its recently-announced sixth season, there was still excitement to be had on Sunday when fans of Amazon Prime's The Expanse were on the receiving end of a sneak preview of the fifth season. Kicking off the season on December 16 […]

Durant and Heatmor Have Switched Regions in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Now Offers Increased Pokéballs To Trainers

Recently, Niantic has reintroduced in Pokémon GO the features that are (lovingly?) referred to as the "pandemic bonuses" by the popular mobile game's fanbase. These bonuses include buffed Incense that yields at least one Pokémon spawn per minute no matter if the trainer is moving or not, Buddy Pokémon automatically retrieving gifts more often, and more. […]

Naomi #1 Rockets On eBay After CW TV Announcement

Yesterday saw the news that Naomi, the DC Comics character created by Brian Bendis, David Walker and Jamal Campbell and published by DC Comics as part of their 2019 Wonder Comic imprint may be getting a CW TV show. Well, you know what happens to Naomi #1 next – to eBay! Naomi #1 Cover BC […]


Buffy: David Boreanaz Says He's "Too Old" to Play Angel; Favors Recast

So there are two things S.E.A.L. Team star David Boreanaz wants you to know about his Buffy the Vampire Slayer and spinoff series character Angel. First, that Angel was definitely the one that Sarah Michelle Gellar's slayer of vampires should be with (sorry savior of Georgia Stacey Abrams, as well as Joss Whedon, James Marsters, […]

Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm Available For Preorder Now

Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm Available For Preorder Now

Games Workshop's various wargames, skirmishers, and specialty products have been a plentiful cornucopia of fun. Between Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 alone, Games Workshop must be having the time of their lives designing wargames within their expansive properties. Warcry and Necromunda have been successful specialty games as well, in their own right. Today, an expansion from Warhammer Underworlds, […]

Justice League Dark

Ram V And Xermanico On Justice League Dark From DC In March 2021

It's Justice League Dark time! While I slept last night, there were CCXP announcements from DC Comics regarding their March titles. The DC Omniverse. DC 2021. Whatever you wish to call it. Well, Justice League Dark will still be published in March possibly with a new #1 and still written by Ram V, who has […]

Snake Eyes will be followed up by a new G.I. Joe film. Credit Paramount

GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes Details From CCPX 2020 Panel

GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes was supposed to release in October, but instead was moved to 2021 because of the pandemic. A soft relaunch of the franchise on the big screen, Henry Golding is the man behind the mask in this version, playing the most popular Joe there is. He took part in a panel […]

The Boys & MCU Figures On The Way From Medicom, Preorders Live

The Boys & MCU Figures On The Way From Medicom MAFEX Line

The Boys and two new MCU figures have been shown off by Medicom in their MAFEX line. From The Boys, we have a new Homelander figure, complete with an American flag cape. I would say that there will be more of these coming in the future, but Homelander is the one to get out asap. […]

Green Lantern

Geoffrey Thorne and Tom Raney Launch New Green Lantern #1 In March

The DC Comics solicitations for Future State: Green Lantern #1 and 2 state "Assigned to map and contact new lifeforms past the 3,600 known sectors of space protected by the Green Lantern Corps, John Stewart and an elite team of Lanterns are trapped behind enemy lines and fighting for their lives when the Central Power […]

2 New Posters for Wonder Woman 1984

2 New Psychedelic Posters for Wonder Woman 1984

Everyone is still reeling and wondering what the future will hold after Warner Bros. made the announcement that all of their new releases for 2021 would be coming out in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. We don't really know what that is going to do for movies in the future; at the moment, it's […]

Game Of Thrones: Conquest Receives Major Heroes Feature

Game Of Thrones: Conquest Receives Major Heroes Feature Update

WB Games released a new update for Game Of Thrones: Conquest, bringing with it a new update to the Heroes feature. According to the devs, this is an all-new collections mechanic featuring characters from the series, each of them containing their own unique stats and abilities. You can deploy them as you see fit in […]

Teen Titans Academy

Tim Sheridan, Rafa Sandoval's Teen Titans Academy #1 From DC in March

The solicitation for Future State: Teen Titans #2 states "Red X returns to the Teen Titans! The mysterious former Teen Titans Academy student joins the surviving Titans in a final fight to stop the threat unleashed by one of the school's students. Nightwing, Raven, Crush, Shazam, Starfire, Cybeast, and Red Arrow face their demons as […]

Dave Bautista is involved in a long-running feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump

Dave Bautista Finds Forbidden Love in "Crazy" Trump Election Witness

Former WWE wrestler and Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista has long been involved in a feud with fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump. Bautista tweets so often and so regularly about Trump that Bleeding Cool has created an entire section of the website dedicated to articles reporting on it. But in the latest shocking twist in […]

Durant and Heatmor Have Switched Regions in Pokémon GO

The Pokémon VMAX Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Vivid Voltage

The Vivid Voltage expansion has stormed the Pokémon Trading Card Game community, adding a collection of beautiful new cards that collectors are eager to pull. Let's take a look at the stunning Pokémon VMAX cards featured in this Pokémon TCG expansion, which function as a Gigantamax version that can be attached to Pokémon V cards […]

The Death (And Mispelling) Of Brian K Vaughan In Crossover #2

Last night we ran the story that Todd McFarlane and Spawn were coming to Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw's Crossover #3 from Image Comics (as well as Mike Allred's Madman). We now have the covers as proof. But does Todd McFarlane really want to get close to Crossover? Because we also have the first few […]

Star Wars: Kenobi opening credits "spoiled" by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Image: screencap)

Star Wars: Kenobi Opening Credits Spoiled by Stephen Colbert Crew?

While we'll have a better idea in a few weeks if the news that Disney+'s upcoming Ewan McGregor-starring Obi-Wan series Star Wars: Kenobi is filming in Boston is true, it appears there's already an opening credits scene filmed. And the best part? The fine folks behind CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert have it exclusively- […]

Red Bull Announces A New T1 Esports Global Partnership

Red Bull Announces A New T1 Esports Global Partnership

This week, Red Bull and T1 confirmed they have signed a multi-year partnership spanning across multiple esports teams. While the finer details of how long and for how much were left out of the conversation, we do know that the partnership will span all of T1's rosters which includes League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, Super […]

Karmela Krimm: Ramadan Blues is a Fun French Private Eye Romp

Karmela Krimm: Ramadan Blues is a Fun French Private Eye Romp

Karmela Krimm: Ramadan Blues is a hidden gem amongst European graphic novels, a fun, breezy private eye story set in sunny, corrupt Marseilles with a heroine so casually likable you wonder how nobody had done this before. Karmela Krimm was once half of a semi-legendary pair of hotshot cops nicknamed the Bazooka Sisters; she took […]

Check Out The Trailer For Shudder's Castle Freak, Streaming Now

Check Out The Trailer For Castle Freak, Streaming Now On Shudder

Castle Freak is now streaming on Shudder and available on digital, and I know what I am planning to view this weekend. This reimagining looks terrifying and unnerving, the two things I look for more than anything else in a horror film these days.  Produced by horror icon Barbara Crampton, who starred in the original […]

Durant and Heatmor Have Switched Regions in Pokémon GO

Everything Pokémon GO Players Need To Know About Bunnelby

Part of the fun of the main series Pokémon games is the lore of each species, which Pokémon GO recreates with short descriptions in their Pokédex entries. However, looking into the roles these Pokémon play in other games, and even the anime, can enrich the experience of hunting these creatures in Niantic's mobile game. In honor of […]

DC Comics Renamed "Wonder Women of History" For Political Reasons

DC Comics Renamed "Wonder Women of History" For Political Reasons

Wonder Women of History was a feature that ran in Wonder Woman comics and Sensation Comics from 1942 to 1954. Ranging from one to five pages, each entry tells the story of real women who made a mark on history. The concept was created by US spy, Nazi-fighter, and Wonder Woman's associate editor Alice Marble, […]

The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, stands triumphant over The CW's stupid Christmas shows [WWE Smackdown Screencap]

Smackdown More Popular Than Christmas, Less Popular Than Sharks

The ratings are in for this week's episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, and The Chadster is here to tell you all about from the perspective of a guy who likes to put a positive spin on the news about my favorite global corporation. This week, Smackdown proved more popular than Christmas itself, […]

The Naxxramas Raid Is Now Available In World Of Warcraft Classic

The Naxxramas Raid Is Now Available In World Of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard has released new content into World Of Warcraft Classic as the Naxxramas Raid is now available to play. Players who have becomes champions of the Horde and the Alliance will need to group up and buy plenty of frost resist gear as they will now be challenges with the horrors and the treasures contained […]

Scott Snyder Tells You Death Metal Comics To Set Up DC Omniverse

Scott Snyder Lists The Death Metal Comics That Set Up DC 2021

Scott Snyder isn't calling it the DC Omniverse, that's our nickname for it, derived from a previous James Tynon IV-penned Death Metal comic book, Rise Of The New Gods. In fact Scott Snyder does seem to have his own name for what is to follow DC Future State in March (including Swamp Thing and Suicide […]

Locke & Key continues production on the second season (Image: Netflix)

Locke & Key: Darby Stanchfield, Coby Bird Reunion Means Rufus Is Back

It's been a little more than a week since we last checked in with Netflix's Locke & Key star Darby Stanchfield (Nina)- in fact, it was just before Thanksgiving here in the U.S. That's when we learned that the crew was busy working on the second season in Toronto, Canada, and would be spending their […]

Durant and Heatmor Have Switched Regions in Pokémon GO

Durant & Heatmor Have Switched Regions In Pokémon GO

What a month it has been for Pokémon GO players… and we're only four days in. Since the start of December, Niantic introduced the Season of Celebration, raised the level cap by introducing Levels 41 – 50, released the Kalos region for the first time, and announced a ton of upcoming featured including a Shiny Celebi […]

Rick and Morty and Adult Swim are kicking off the "12 Days of Rickmas" (Image: Adult Swim)

Rick & Morty & Transformers – The Daily LITG, 5th December 2020

Welcome to the Daily LITG. The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but there are highlights. At Bleeding Cool you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies and more. From Sabrina to Rick And Morty – The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around […]

7 New International Poster for

Monster Hunter Has Been Pulled From Theaters in China

Ever since Sony announced their intentions to release Monster Hunter in December, we've been saying the same thing over and over again; they were betting the farm on the international market. The Resident Evil movies always did well in China, and it was looking like the international market was going to carry this movie in the […]

Everything Pokémon GO Players Need to Know about Froakie

This Is How Shiny Kalos Species Will Look In Pokémon GO

Surprisingly, Niantic kicked off the Kalos Celebration Event, which introduced Generation Six species to Pokémon GO for the first time, without a Shiny release. Even though none of these Kalos Pokémon are currently available in their Shiny forms, they have all been added to the code. Here is how each of the currently released species will […]

Frank at Home #1 Review:

An Unkindness of Ravens #2 Review: Easily BOOM! Studios' Best Title

An Unkindness of Ravens #1 was the best debut issue of 2020. Can writer Dan Panosian, artist Marianna Ignazzi, colorist Fabiana Mascolo, and letterer Mike Fiorentino keep up that same level of quality with their follow-up issue? Yeah, it turns out they can. An Unkindness of Ravens #2 is the first time in a while that I had to […]

Saturday Night Live returns with Jason Bateman (Image: screencap)

Saturday Night Live: Jason Bateman's 2005 Highlights; New SNL Promo

By now, you know that Jason Bateman and Morgan Wallen are set to take the stage of Studio 8H this weekend to marks the return of NBC's Saturday Night Live from its much-needed six-episodes-in-a-row break. Considering this season has already given us Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Issa Rae, Adele, John Mulaney, Dave Chappelle, Justin Bieber, H.E.R., […]

CATAN - Starfarers 5-6 Player Extension Has Been Releases

CATAN – Starfarers 5-6 Player Extension Has Been Releases

Catan Studio has released a brand new version of CATAN – Starfarers, as players can now dive into the 5-6 Player Extension. This version of the game features an updated variable board for you to play on, reimagined artwork, and newly-engineered player pieces that are designed to help accommodate gameplay of up to six players. […]

Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein: YouTube Creator Spotlight

Van Helsing 2020 Annual: Bloodlust Review: Great Standalone Story

Zenescope Entertainment delivers a graphic novel-sized issue with the Van Helsing 2020 Annual: Bloodlust. This marks the first time that company President and longtime writer Joe Brusha takes on the solo Van Helsing title, which was the basis for SyFy's TV series. Joined by artist Daniel Mainé, colorists Robby Bevard and Maxflan Araujo, and letterer Taylor Esposito, Brusha tells a standalone story […]

WandaVision released new key art- with clues? (Image: Disney+)

WandaVision: New Key Art Has Us Looking at Everything Very Carefully

Apparently, Disney+ is a really big fan of key art. Since the second season of "Star Wars" spinoff series The Mandalorian kicked off, every Monday following an episode there's almost a formal unveiling of the key art for the character who debuted that episode (count on getting one for a certain OG Mandalorian this Monday). […]

SNK Releases A Teaser Trailer For

SNK Releases A Teaser Trailer For The King Of Fighters XV

In a weird little piece of marketing business, SNK decided to tease a teaser for a teaser for The King Of Fighters XV. Yes, you read that correctly. The company released the video we have for you below showing off an introduction from the series producer Yasuyuki Oda and the creative director Eisuke Ogura, talking […]