Patrick Gleason Creates Own Exclusive Venom Webhead Cover

Patrick Gleason Sells Out Own Exclusive Venom Webhead Cover

After the insane success of The Amazing Spider-Man #55 cover by Patrick Gleason – which has led to a second printing that far outstripped orders for the first printing  – he will be doing a similarly-styled cover for the new anthology series Carnage: Red, White, & Blood #1 for March. And now we know the […]

The HBO Max and Warner Bros. Promo Reveals Some New Official Logos

Godzilla vs. Kong Moves from May to March, Will Release on HBO Max

It seems that the reports that Warner Bros. and Legendary were close to closing a deal concerning the release of Godzilla vs. Kong appear to be true. When Warner Bros. made the decision to move all of its 2021 slate from just a theatrical release to the hybrid release model that would put it in theaters […]

Poké Spotlight: Getting to Know Machop Outside of Pokémon GO

XL Candy Chance? Max Out Machamp In Pokémon GO

Tomorrow is Machop Community Day. It will run from 11 AM through 5 PM on Satruday, January 16th, 2021, and will feature Machop in the wild with a boosted Shiny rate. Machop or Machoke evolved all the way up to Machamp during the event, and up to two hours after (a promise that I appreciate […]

Commanders In Crisis #4 Review: Unlike Any Other Superhero Comic

Commanders In Crisis #4 Review: Unlike Any Other Superhero Comic

Wow. This innovative, heady, thoughtful issue is unlike any other superhero comic around. A team of five very specific heroes from disparate worlds makes a discovery about the work they do that shakes them all to their foundations, and it is a mind-blower. The facts are these: Four people who were all history-making personalities on […]

Battlestar Galactica: Sam Esmail updates Peacock reboot series. (Image: NBCU)

Battlestar Galactica: Sam Esmail Discusses Approach to Peacock Series

The last time we checked in with Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot, Homecoming) and Peacock's upcoming take on the Battlestar Galactica franchise, we learned that Michael Lesslie (The Little Drummer Girl) had been tapped to create, write, and executive produce the reboot project for the streaming service- but that was around the middle of last year. Since […]

Protect Old Detroit With New RoboCop ED-209 Figure from Hiya Toys

Protect Old Detroit With New RoboCop ED-209 Figure From Hiya Toys

Hiya Toys is returning to Old Detroit once again as they unveil their newest RoboCop 1/18th scale figure. Our hero might want to stay off the street this time as another ED-209 bot has been deployed into action. Unlike the previous release, this bot will be a battle-damaged variant that will have an exploded cannon […]

Future State Green Lantern #1 Review: A Lot Of Story

Future State: Green Lantern #1 Review: A Lot Of Story

Future State: Green Lantern #1 is a book that takes the term "future state" very seriously; things have gone outrageously wrong for the 7,200 members of the intergalactic law enforcement organization. In the very near future, the central power battery that gives the Green Lanterns their light … goes dark. Not for a few minutes, […]

Peacemaker promo key art (Image: WarnerMedia)

Peacemaker: James Gunn Signals Start of "Suicide Squad" Series Shoot

If there's one thing you could never accuse James Gunn ("Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise) of being guilty of, it's being lazy. We're talking about someone who knocked out the scripts for the upcoming eight-episode HBO Max series Peacemaker in eight weeks while in the middle of a COVID lockdown- and he didn't even know […]

Square Enix Opens Pre-Registration For Dragon Quest Tact Closed Beta

Dragon Quest Tact Is Taking Pre-Registration For iOS

Square Enix has officially opened up pre-registration for Dragon Quest Tact, but so far it's only for iOS devices. The game is set to be released on both iOS and Android on January 27th in the west after becoming a smash mobile hit in Japan over the course of 2020. The game takes the classic […]

Dr Manhattan Returns To DC Comics In Rorschach #7

Dr Manhattan Returns To DC Comics In Rorschach #7

Rorschach is the latest unauthorised sequel to Watchmen, by Tom King and Jorge Fornes, published by DC Comics. In the first issue of the series, we heard a cassette tape based on a real-life seance event, with Frank Miller, Otto Binder and Randy Cox – with the addition of a fictional Wil Myerson. In Rorschach, […]

6 Posters Cherry on Apple TV+ Starring Tom Holland

Watch Tom Holland Slowly Spiral in the First Trailer for Cherry

Apple TV is getting ready to jump on the hybrid release model when it comes to movies with Cherry. They are giving this movie a theatrical release before bringing it to streaming. One of the things it promises it is showing off the acting range of star Tom Holland as his character goes through so many […]

Big Trouble In Little China Jack Burton Q-Fig Arrives from QMx

Big Trouble In Little China Jack Burton Q-Fig Arrives from QMx

Quantum Mechanix is bringing back the hit action film Big Trouble In Little China as they announced their newest Q-FIg Elite figure. Truck driver Jack Burton finds himself caught in a chaotic battle in Chinatown with an ancient Chinese Prince. This Kurt Russel film is back as the newels Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanic captures the […]

DC Comics April 2021 Solicitations In Full

Teen Lantern and Jo Mullein Join John Stewart in Green Lantern #1

We knew that the new Green Lantern series written by Geoffrey Thorne for DC Infinite Frontier in April from DC Comics would feature John Stewart prominently. It's just not the only Lantern. Obviously not Hal Jordan, Geoff Thorne is not a masochist. But it is also worth noting that the series was announced at CCXP […]

3B Productions/Marvel Comics)

Moon Knight: Disney+ Taps Ethan Hawke for Undisclosed Villain Role

The Moon Knight casting news rolled on in a big way on Friday, with THR reporting that Ethan Hawke (Sinister, The Good Lord Bird) is set to join the Marvel Studios and Disney+ live-action series starring Oscar Isaac (Dune) and May Calamawy (Hulu's Ramy). With Mohamed Diab (Clash, Cairo 678), as well as Justin Benson and […]

DCMJ plans to give out free marijuana for people who get the COVID-19 vaccine.

DCMJ to Hand Out Free Marijuana with COVID-19 Vaccine

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, reporting to you live from deep undercover inside a reconnaissance tour group of the Capitol being led by Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. And let me tell you, The Boeb is really giving us all the inside details! But I'm not here to talk about politics. Well, mostly […]

S.W.O.R.D. #2 Review: It Says What It Says

S.W.O.R.D. #2 Review: It Says What It Says

There is a long-honored trope in fiction about "the man on the wall," one charged with the defense of all that matters who has to make impossible choices and do unthinkable things, in S.W.O.R.D. #2, the mutant nation of Krakoa has decided that they want Abigail Brand as that person, heading a complex and potentially […]

Avatar 2: Kate Winslet - Working With James Cameron Again Was Amazing

Avatar 2: Kate Winslet – Working With James Cameron Again Was Amazing

It might be hard to believe, but in a little under two years, we're supposed to have the first of the 3478758 sequels to Avatar come out. In a year of insanity, the idea that we might actually get Avatar 2 someday might be the most insane thing. We've seen some concept art, and it […]

Who's Driving The Van? We Played "Moving Out" At PAX West

Moving Out Receives A New Free "Moving In" Update

Team17, DevM Games, and SMG Studio will be adding a new update to Moving Out soon as players will be "Moving In". As you might suspect from the tile, the next update is going to pull a bit of role reversal. Up until now, most of the gameplay is basically you grabbing a bunch of […]

Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen on Batman

Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen on Batman In April

Kieron Gillen has stated his short story in April's Batman: Black and White #5 with Jamie McKelvie is "My first time writing a story for a DCU character. This is a short story, and is one of the densest, most formalist things we've ever done. It's also funny. And brutal. I hope folks like it." Considering […]

Dungeons & Dragons is getting live-action series pitch. (Image: Hasbro)

Dungeons & Dragons: Derek Kolstad Developing Live-Action Series Pitch

Looks like Paramount and Hasbro's filmed entertainment studio eOne is looking to introduce a new mainstream generation to the magic and wonder of Dungeons & Dragons. Following up on earlier reports of a feature film adaptation of the fantasy role-playing with Chris Pine (Wonder Woman 1984, "Star Trek" franchise), THR is reporting exclusively that Derek […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand Nendoroid Rocks Out With GSC

Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand Nendoroid Rocks Out With GSC

Cyberpunk 2077 has received a lot of terrible feedback from fans lately. of course, with good reasons since the game was not ready for most systems making it nearly unplayable for many fans. However, newer consoles were able to handle the game's chaos and witness the rise of Keanu Reeves character Johnny Silverhand. Good Smile […]

Remnant Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman in RWBY/Justice League

RWBY returns to DC Comics line but – like Scooby-Doo – it is doing it courtesy of DC Comics IP. In DC's April 2021 solicitations, it is also a Justice League crossover with RWBY by Marguerite Bennett and Aneke. And like Scooby-Doo, it will feature versions of the DC Comics characters suitable to that crossover […]

Batwoman season 2 key art released (Image: The CW)

Batwoman Showrunner: Kate Kane Recast Didn't Feel Like the Right Move

By now, viewers of The CW's Batwoman know that Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder is going to have her hands full this season as she assumes the cowl to defend Gotham from the likes of Alice (Rachel Skarsten), Safiyah (Shivaani Ghai), hitman Victor Zsasz (Alex Morf), and Black Mask and the False Face Society. But as the season-opener […]

The Pokémon V Cards of Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Part 2

The Pokémon V Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Part 2

As 2021, the year that will celebrate Pokémon's 25th anniversary begins, we're looking back at recent expansions that revitalized the Pokémon TCG craze. Now, we will spotlight the Sword & Shield base set that was released on February 7th, 2020. This is the set that first introduced Generation Eight species from the Galar region into […]

Star Wars: Darth Vader #9 Review: The Logic Behind The Legend

Star Wars Darth Vader #9 Review: The Logic Behind The Legend

One of the challenges with the newly canonical comic books is the need to balance the menace and mastery of Darth Vader against the desire to deepen his sense of loss and, in some ways, justify his failures. Star Wars: Darth Vader #9 is one of the rare ones that perfectly balances the struggle between […]


Walker Star Jared Padalecki Says Trump Caging Kids Influenced Series

With The CW and Jared Padalecki's Walker ready to saddle up for its series premiere next Thursday, January 21, the cast and creative team behind the reboot of the original CBS' Chuck Norris-starring series took part in a press virtual panel where the star explained how the series looks to walk that "edge of the […]

Samurai Shodown Will Be Headed To Xbox Series X In March

Samurai Shodown Will Be Headed To Xbox Series X In March

SNK revealed today that Samurai Shodown will finally be coming to the Xbox Series X/S on March 16th, 2021. This version of the game has specifically been designed to be compatible with the enhancements of the current-gen console, so players get the most out of their experience. What's more, those who already own it on […]

TOLDJA: The Return Of The Authority To DC Comics

TOLDJA: The Return Of The Authority To DC Comics

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one has been able to do DC Comics/Wildstorm's The Authority right aside from Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, then Mark Millar and Frank Quitely/Chris Weston/Arthur Adams. Not even Grant Morrison managed. But, as Bleeding Cool told you, it looks like DC Comics are going to have another […]

Nicholas Cage Fights Evil Animatronics In Willy's Wonderland Trailer

Nicholas Cage Fights Evil Animatronics In Willy's Wonderland Trailer

What. The. Hell. Is. This. Nicholas Cage continues to zig seventeen times when he is expected to zag. This time out, he stars in Willy's Wonderland as a man trying to survive the night cleaning an entertainment center full of murderous animatronic animals. From the trailer, it doesn't even seem like he utters a word […]

Harley Quinn Is Sweet but a Psycho in New Sideshow Collectibles Bust

Harley Quinn Is Sweet but a Psycho in New Sideshow Collectibles Bust

Harley Quinn comes to life with the newest life-size bust coming to us from Sideshow Collectibles. Standing 28.5 inches tall, this life-size bust captures the iconic Batman villain in all her glory. Her design is a throwback to her original DC Comics debut featuring her red and black harlequin outfit. The statue is highly detailed […]

Batman: The Dark Knight #1 With Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert in April

DC Comics April 2021 Solicitations In Full – Now With Added Batman

We have DC Comics' full solicitations for April 2021. Because they are nobody's fool. Now with added Batman. GREEN LANTERN #1 written by GEOFFREY THORNE art by DEXTER SOY cover by BERNARD CHANG card stock variant cover by BRYAN HITCH 1:25 card stock variant cover by ALEX MALEEV ON SALE 4/6/21 $4.99 US | 40 […]

Warner Bros. Has Released an Official Poster for Mortal Kombat

Check Out the First Images and a Detailed Summary for Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros. is still pushing forward with its plan to release its entire 2021 slate onto HBO Max, at least at the time of writing. The decision has not exactly been received well by filmmakers whose projects have gotten caught up in the shift. While this is a bad thing for some movies with massive […]

Bedtime Digital Games Announces Figment 2: Creed Valley

Bedtime Digital Games Announces Figment 2: Creed Valley

Developer and publisher Bedtime Digital Games revealed their next game on the way in 2021 with Figment 2: Creed Valley. The game will be an official sequel to the 2017 title as this will continue the trend of being an action-adventure title in the same format as the previous one. But the game will come […]

Thank FOC It's Black Friday

Milk, Cheese & Witchblood – Thank FOC It's Friday, 15th January

Thank FOC It's Friday –  Planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off at Diamond Comic Distributors. And now Lunar Distribution as well. Here's a lot of product coming through that needs adjusting because this represents the comic book industry returning to comic book stores en masse. Traditionally FOC is the […]

dark side of the ring

Dark Side of the Ring S03 Confirms "The Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman Ep

With Evan Husney and Jason Eisener's Dark Side of the Ring set to return for a third season later this year (with the franchise also expanding into other topics, as you'll see in a minute), viewers were expecting the 14 episodes to cover topics such as Grizzly Smith, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Rockin' Robin, Sam Houston, […]

Great Copy Of Original Super Smash Bros. Is On Auction Right Now

Great Copy Of Original Super Smash Bros. Is On Auction Right Now

Super Smash Bros. collectors are madmen, and nowhere is that more evident than on the vintage gaming scene. I remember when this game was releasing, I worked at Suncoast Video next to an Electronics Boutique store, and there were advertisements for it, and I thought to myself, "Who wants to play a fighting game with […]