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First Image Of The New Danger Mouse And Penfold

I dare say this image is about to go viral across the web. All credit to the sly fellow who supplied it to us. It's the first look at the rebooted Danger Mouse. Well, DM looks a little more posh, somehow, than the original. Penfold looks… identical. Nice way to riff on the 007 iris […]

Transformers Featurettes Introduce The Manly Men Heroes

Paramount have released a pair of videos to introduce the characters of Cade and Shane, the sweaty, dirty, autobot sympathisers from Transformers: Age of Extinction. It's hard not to like Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor. They'll do this film a lot of favours, I think. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] The featurette for Nicola Peltz's character is inevitable, […]

A Second Red Band Trailer For Sex Tape

I doubt we'll get to see much of the actual sex tape in Sex Tape, but this trailer gives away some of what it would contain in lurid, NSFW dialogue and now I'm glad we won't have to watch it. Get More: Rob Corddry, Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, Movie Trailers, Celebrity News I think Jake Kasdan is […]

First Clip From Sin City 2 Gives Rosario Dawson Some Flirting To Do

This clip from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For premiered on Jimmy Fallon's show last night. This is the best version I could rustle up on YouTube. It might not seem like the best clip to drop first, but Rosario Dawson was Fallon's guest and it does very much revolve around her. [youtube][/youtube] The prevalence […]

A Neurological Explanation Of Hodor's Condition From Game Of Thrones

In Game of Thrones, the character Hodor can only say one thing and that's "Hodor." It's why he's called Hodor, the assumption being made that if he says it, it must be his name. As it happens, this is a realistic representation of an actual neurological condition whether George RR Martin knew it or not. […]

A Sequel To Doctor Who Comedy The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Is Underway

Peter Davison's gung-ho guerilla sitcom The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot was a highlight of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations. It was as witty as it was silly, and Davison showed some real facility with devising and staging good gags. Brilliantly, a follow up is now underway. Why? To mark the return of the series, perhaps? […]

The Sin City Cinema Display Is Now Online, And I Bet This Becomes A Thing

The marketeers behind Sin City: A Dame to Kill for have innovated in bringing online a nice, official look at the 'standee' or cinema display for their movie. This is after they released GIFs in place of images a few weeks back – if, disappointingly, not exclusive GIFs but things we'd already seen in video. […]

New Gotham Trailer Peers Through The Dirty Windows Of Some Grubby Souls

If we take this Gotham teaser on face value, then The Penguin, Catwoman and Fish Mooney are the chief villains of the young Jim Gordon's world. The Penguin, The Cat and… The Fish? Hmmm. [youtube][/youtube] Of course, they'll throw all of this out when they introduce The Joker, surely? Apparently one of the show's big […]

Steve Carell And Ken Jeong Teaming Up For International Incident

Steve Carell is producing a rom-com road movie about UN delegates. It's about time, eh? Ken Jeong is the first to sign up to star, say The Hollywood Reporter, and David Javerbaum is writing the script. The lead characters will be five UN members on the road looking for old flames. More than that… we don't […]

Colin Trevorrow Shares A Shadowy Dinosaur From The Set Of Jurassic World

It's a dinosaur-y shadow as much as it's a shadowy dinosaur, but this is the first official image from the set of Jurassic World to feature one of the thunder lizards in any respect. That was tweeted by Colin Trevorrow, the film's co-writer and director. It's not a lot, but so much has been leaking […]

Fox Planning A Movie Of James Wan's Comic Malignant Man, Hoping He'll Direct

Though nobody comes out and says it straight, for Fox to buy the rights to James Wan's Malignant Man comics now, they must have had some talk with the director about him possibly directing. Assuming it wasn't all just a tease, perhaps this is what he'll move onto after The Fast and Furious 7. Perhaps […]