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Garth Ennis Doubted Preacher Would Ever Become A TV Show

In a clip from AMC's Geeking Out, Preacher co-creator Garth Ennis and television series executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg discuss the early difficulties in adapting the comic book. Ennis, for one, doubted the transition could ever be made. Having #Preacher withdrawals? Here's a bonus clip from @GeekingOutAMC with @ThatKevinSmith and the series creators. […]

NBC To Turn Oliver Twist Into Crime Procedural

Another piece of classical literature is getting the network crime procedural makeover. This time: Oliver Twist. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Charles Dickens novel will be adapted as Twist, from Lionsgate and producer Joel Silver. The proposed series will center on "a struggling 20-something female," known as Twist, who discovers a family of sorts […]

Thrawn Lays Out His Plan In New Star Wars Rebels Preview

In a new preview of Star Wars Rebel's upcoming third season, Grand Admiral Thrawn outlines his plan to defeat the Rebel Alliance by focusing in on the crew of the Ghost. In getting to know them, he believes they will be the architects of their own destruction. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: […]

Building Star Trek Clip Looks At Creating Real Phaser Technology

In a clip from Building Star Trek, Dr. Rob Afzal discusses his attempts to create a real world version of Star Trek's phaser technology. According to Afzal, the key breakthrough will be storing the power in a compact device. Currently, he's scaled the required storage device down to small trailer. can't be loaded because […]

Jay Garrick Enchants Caitlin Snow In Flash Season 2 Deleted Scene

Entertainment Weekly has released a deleted scene from the upcoming home video release of The Flash: The Complete Second Season in which "Jay" and Caitlin meet up at Jitters for coffee — and a little bit of flirting — before Dr. Snow tells Jay that the Earth-2 Harrison Wells has arrived in town. At the […]

Uncharted Feature Loses Grip On Release Date

According to Coming Soon, Sony's Uncharted feature film has been pulled from its June 30th, 2017 release date. Naughty Dog's popular PlayStation game series centers on treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who gets into one crazy situation after another while trailing forbidden loot and unearth ancient mysteries. A film based on the series has been in […]

Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man: Homecoming Suits And Late Night Shoots

While visiting the Seacrest Studios in Atlanta, Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland took the extra step of appearing in costume and taking photos with children from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. And as seen in the video of the event (via MCU Exchange), he offers a few details about the Spidey suit and working late nights […]

Real World Problems And Old World Art In Inferno Featurette

Sony has released a short featurette in support of their upcoming Inferno (via Slashfilm). Based on the book by Dan Brown, the film sees Tom Hanks return as Robert Langdon. As director Ron Howard describes, he wanted Langdon to confront a real world bioterrorism issue while still trying to solve an ancient riddle. can't […]

Con Man Alan Tudyk Talks Apps, Leather Dominatrices and DragonCon

Jonathan Rich writes for Most sci-fi fans already know Alan Tudyk for his role as Wash on Joss Wheadon's cult sci-fi western Firefly series — and its subsequent big-screen treatment as Serenity — but even more hard core followers of the man who was Hoban Washburne relate to him as the star of his […]

New Legends Of Tomorrow Preview Sees The Team Defending Time … Sort Of

In a new preview of Legends of Tomorrow's second season, Rip and Sara disagree on how to protect the timeline. Other highlights include Stein and Rory plotting to kidnap Einstein and Jax facing a beheading. Also, keep a sharp eye out for quick glimpses of Stargirl and Reverse-Flash. Legends of Tomorrow returns October 13th […]

Jon Favreau To Return As Happy Hogan In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Variety reports Iron Man director Jon Favreau will reprise his role as Tony Stark's former driver and friend Happy Hogan in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's been a good long while since we last saw Happy. Back in Iron Man 3, he was injured, but offered a vital piece of information. Since Tony's "retirement" at the end […]

Building Star Trek Clip Considers Real Life Cloaking Devices

In a clip from Building Star Trek, scientists consider if a Romulan style cloaking devices is technologically feasible. While it seems theoretically possible by warping space, a team at the University of Rochester is trying to accomplish it with more conventional, optical means. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Could Star Trek's Invisibility […]

Stranger Things Season Two Character Descriptions Revealed

When word broke that Stranger Things would return yesterday, creators Matt and Ross Duffer mentioned the second season would include at least four new characters. TVLine, has uncovered descriptions of three of the new characters, including Max, a "tough and confident" girl between twelve and fourteen years of age. Max will also be something of […]

A New Hero Rises In Max Steel Trailer

Yahoo! has released a new trailer for the upcoming Max Steel. Based on the Mattel toyline, Max is reframed as a teenager who moves back to his father's hometown and discovers he has been gifted with powers and a robot buddy. The pair must learn to work together to defeat an alien menace. It sounds […]

Tread Perilously Podcast — 7th Heaven: Anything You Want

In honor of its twentieth anniversary, Tread Perilously once again returns to Glenoak to watch the pilot episode of 7th Heaven. Reverend Camden must face a number of perils while awaiting the arrival of his in-laws. Middle-daughter Lucy is freaking out because her first period will not happen. Elder daughter Mary (aka, Woman Girl) wants […]

Jim Broadbent Joins Game Of Thrones

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jim Broadbent will join the cast of HBO's Game of Thrones in an undisclosed role. Of course, there's the obvious question of just who he'll be playing. The part is said to be significant, but it is unclear just who could be introduced at this point to do anything of significance […]

Yoga Hosers Is The Star Wars Holiday Special Of Kevin Smith Movies – A Review

Jonathan Rich writes for … Full disclosure: I'm a recovering Kevin Smith fanboy. When Clerks came out in 1994, I was one of the millions of young men whole found his foul-mouthed dialogue and pop-culture laden writing spoke for me and a generation who previously had no voice. I saw Malllrats in a largely […]

Hannibal Buress Confirms Spider-Man: Homecoming Role

Hannibal Buress has confirmed earlier reports that he will appear as part of the school staff in Spider-Man: Homecoming. While appearing The Breakfast Club (via MCU Exchange), Buress mentioned he plays a gym teacher in the film who notices Peter's new-found athletic prowess, but "doesn't realize he's Spider-Man." can't be loaded because JavaScript is […]

The Arthur Legend To Become Fox Crime Procedural

It was foretold that King Arthur would return one day. And it seems for an upcoming FOX pilot, he will return to solve crime. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network won a bidding war for Camelot, a series concept centering on a graffiti artist named Art who teams up with his pal Lance and […]

Patton Oswalt Will Not Be One Of The New Stranger Things Cast Members

It's been an exciting day for Stranger Things fans with news of the series' renewal. And for a few hours, the excitement appeared to include the addition of Patton Oswalt to the cast. But the comedian and actor has confirmed it was all a joke. The story begins with a playful tweet from actor David […]