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Kyle J. Steenblik is a resident of Davis County Utah, husband, and father of two children. A local film critic, author, and Podcaster (Utah Outcasts, The Nerd Dome Podcast), with a passion for comedy, fantasy, art, the natural world, science, and discovery, and road trips to various landmarks, and historical sites around the United States. Kyle has been a longtime activist in the hopes of leaving the world a better place for his children. Whether that is through standing up to inequality, injustice, or by adding a little laughter or a good story.

From A Star is Born to Godzilla: Why the Remake Will Never Die
In Hollywood there are many traditions when it comes to filmmaking, some things we as an audience can always count on seeing year after year. One of those traditions as old as motion pictures themselves is that of the remake. Take a successful film, clean it up, recast it, and crank out another money-maker, year after year. Along with this tradition is an audience crying out for originality, as they open their wallets repeatedly.