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'Jigsaw': Eighth 'Saw' Film Releases Poster, Comic-Con Plans

So who exactly is Jigsaw? Come October, he might be…you! With a little over three months before it's October 27 premiere, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures shared the first poster from Jigsaw, the eighth film in the Saw horror film franchise. Along with the poster release also came word that the film would be represented at this […]

In Angoulême, An Obelisk Mounted In Asterix Creator's René Goscinny's Honour

Yesterday saw the comic book capital of the world, Angoulême, reveal an obelisk mounted in honour of René Goscinny,  the late writer and co-creator of Asterix and Obelix. Put together by Aymar du Chatenet, son-in-law and husband of Anne Goscinny, the monument measures 5.83 meters high, weighs 7 tons, making it the largest comic book […]

Saga #42's Black Pages Were There To Mop Up The Tears

https://twitter.com/fionastaples/status/824285203988238336 Yesterday saw the release of Saga #42 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples from Image Comics. Was this the answer to life, the universe and everything? I really hope not. Cos it was a toughie. I'm nervous about reading Saga #42. It's the end of their current arc and I don't know if I […]

DC Comics Cancels Its Second Direct Currents Magazine

DC Comics recently joined Marvel and Image Comics in creating their own magazine to promote their upcoming comic books. After the success of the DC Rebirth volume, created by ex-staffers of Wizard Magazine such as Mike Cotton, who now work at DC Comics, the first proper issue came out at the end of the year. […]

Stan Lee Commemorates 75 Years At Marvel

Stan Lee, who just turned 94 last month, is celebrating 75 years in comic books and Disney had him sit down and talk about his start. Working with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. And what its been like working in a field for 3/4th of a century. Now he tells the story about just walking […]

The 21 Best Comics From 40 Best Comics Of 2016 Lists

Forty Best Comics and Best Graphic Novels lists for 2015. Everyone mentioned gets a tick. So who gets the most ticks? Which comics are the Best of the Best of 2015? Last year saw Nimona top the lists with 15 mentions. This year sawthe top choice do even better. Here are the top twenty-one in order. 22 […]

The Problem With Heroes Vs. Heroes

By Joe Glass Next week, Civil War II ends, thus ending yet another heroes vs. heroes line-wide mega-event. Of course, we already have Inhumans vs. X-Men to continue the superhero beating up on other superheroes trend. Aside the obvious fatigue that comes from near constant events pitting superheroes against each other, there is another fundamental […]

When Will DC Comics' Batman-Centric Summer 2017 Event Begin?

You may see a number of websites running articles headlined "When Is Walking Dead On Tonight" or "When Will Gme Of Thrones Season 7 Begin?" They are there not to serve the site's audience but bring in traffic from search engines for people asking those very questions. Well, Bleeding Cool hasn't done that – mostly […]

Page Six One Six – Blind Items For Christmas Day 2016

Welcome to Page Six One Six, the annual-ish blind items column of Bleeding Cool. Stories taken from across the comic book industry, from publisher to publisher, creator to creator, where the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Stories told in the Hyatt roof bar or the Bayfront basement, from intern to colourist, to assistant editor… […]

Misprinted Saga #41 WIll Ship To Some Stores – Image Asks Retailers To Destroy Them

Bleeding Cool reported on Saga #41 being destroyed over colouring error and being reprinted for January 4th. But it appears that some comics stores will be receiving copies of the misprinted version next Wednesday as originally intended. Image Comics has sent a note to them asking for them to be destroyed. This won't happen. Instead […]