Behind The Scenes Of Pixar's Brave – Swords, Kilts And A Nice Lie Down

The making of Pixar's Brave seems to have involved some lovely field trips, a bit of sword fighting and archery practice, and having a nice bowl of cheerios while wearing a kilt. I'm sure there were also some heated discussions in the sweatbox, a lot of hunching over computer monitors and several fiery sessions during which whole storyboard sequences (heck, whole directors) got chewed over and torn down.

Time have a slideshow that they've subtitled Pixar's Girl Story. It's made up of behind the scenes images from the film that date as far bask as 2006.

Here's that oldest one, showing original director Brenda Chapman, co-director Steve Purcell and later-director Mark Andrews, lying down on the job in Scotland.

Nice work if you can get it.

Chapman's hair there suggests that Merida was, in some sense at least, a self portrait.

The final caption in the Time piece makes it seem like a spoiler is being given away: