Chris Eliopoulos Does it for Brad Meltzer – Will He do It For Everyone Now?

It began, as many things to, with a reader and collector praising Tom King and Andy Kubert's Up In The Sky Superman story from DC's Superman Giant series for Walmart. With King tweeting in response to someone buying original art from the series.

Then I stuck my oar in, because I do that kind of thing.

Only for comic book (and other things) writer Brad Meltzer to do similar…

And for letterer Chris Eliopoulos to confirm and give details of his process,

And Brad Meltzer to show the proof.

That is the original art of the page from Marvel Comics #1000, by Brad Meltzer, Julian Tedesco and, yes, lettered by Chris Eliopoulos, especially for Brad.

David Avallone#s Writer's Commentary on Bettie Page Unbound #7

Now everyone will want this…

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