Could This Inhuman Be The Walking Plot Twist That Will Turn Secret Empire Around?

Om the first page of today's Secret Empire #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven, we meet an Inhuman probably called McAllister who seems to have a rather unique gift.


If he sees it, he can make it. A walking 3D printer.

Naturally, such a thing may not by in the Hydra States Of America.


And he ends up in a concentration camp, his mouth gagged to prevent any further issue.1493811368547a

But that can't be the end of his story, can it? The rule of Chekov's Inhuman, if you see a power base for the first time on the first few pages of an event book, expect it to somehow save the day at the very end.

Say, what would happen if he saw a picture of a cosmic cube? Or read one of the "Illusion Age" of Captain America comics?

Secret Empire #1 is published today…

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