Dan Aykroyd And Harold Ramis To Rewrite Ghostbusters 3 Script, But Can They Make Bill Murray Happy?

If Bill Murray isn't happy, Ghostbusters 3 can't happen. Sometimes, when I remember the veto clause that Murray has, I convince myself we'll never, ever see the film – but work continues anyway.

Dan Aykroyd has given an update on the sequels development in a new Vanity Fair interview (via The Moviefone Blo… er… Cinematical). Here's what he said:

I think [Bill Murray] was concerned that the writing on Ghostbusters 3 by these guys [Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg] would not be up to standard, but I can tell you firsthand, I'm working on the script now and those two—Stupnitsky and Eisenberg wrote Bill the comic role of a lifetime, and the new Ghostbusters and the old are all well represented in it… we have a strong first draft that Harold [Ramis] and I will take back, and I'm very excited about working on it.

Let's see. He's "working on the script now" vs. he and Harold will take it back. Sounds like actual writing is yet to begin. Must say that I don't envy them, trying to polish the thing into shape with the spectre of Bill Murray breathing down their necks. Maybe it's exactly what they need: Murray's big white moon to shoot for.

There's been a lot of resistance to the very idea of bringing back Ghostbusters, and more still are cynical about plans to introduce a wave of new, younger characters. But Aykroyd can see why it's a good idea:

Now my character's eyesight is shot, I got a bad knee, a bad hip—I can't drive that caddy anymore or lift that Psychotron Accelerator anymore, it's too heavy. We need young legs, new minds—new Ghostbusters; so I'm in essence passing the torch to the new regime, and you know what? That's totally okay with me.

It's totally okay with me too.