DC To Release Elseworlds Eighty Page Giant… Finally

It paid for my honeymoon and my bathroom back then, you know.

The decision by Paul Levitz to pulp DC's Elseworlds Eighty Page Giant back in 1999 came at a fortuitous time for me, as copies were sent to the UK without any problems. And three weeks later when we realised there was an issue, I was still able to buy thirty of them from Forbidden Planet and start selling them on Usenet. $20 for the first one, then the last went to a DC employee for $200. One went to Kyle Baker for free, since it was his Superbaby story that had caused all the fuss. Which then went on to win an Eisner of course, despite hardly being published. Or, from DC's point of view at the time, because it had been hardly published.

I was also told that objections went beyind the Superbaby-in-the-microwave scene, but to Mark Waid and Ty Templeton's recasting of the Garden of Eden with Batman and Eve, Batman known as "Adam" in a very sixties TV style way…

Anyway, twelve years later, this November, it's being published for the first time as part of the DC Comics Presents line. 96 pages long. No, I don't know how it works. Adverts probably. Yes, that will be it.

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