Either Udo Kier Is Going To Be In Human Centipede 3 Or Tom Six Is Pulling Our Legs Again

I was rather curious when the Human Centipede lawsuit story broke as to why Tom and Ilona Six had chosen an off the beaten path website, Best Movies Ever, to receive their official statement. Whatever the reason, they apparently did.

And now that same site is presenting another twist in the tale, throwing up an unexpected scoop.

According to their new story, Tom Six is "reaching out to Udo Kier as a replacement" for Dieter Laser, the actor who played Dr. Heiter in the first Human Centipede film and has now, apparently, bailed on the threeequel.

Here's an amusing detail, though: the site say that they've received "literally hundreds of e-mails and calls" about the matter.

Yeah, sure they have. Good one, fellas.

So, either this site is trying it on, or they're part of Tom Six and Six Entertainment's ongoing, and rather oddball media campaign.

Either way, Udo Kier sounds like the perfect replacement.

My hunch is that there's some trickery going on here. I won't be surprised to see Laser and Kier both in the film, and to find out that this was the plan all along.