ElfQuest Movie Gets Ultraviolet's Joe Ahearne Behind The Word Processor

It seems like an odd choice, maybe, to hand the big screen adaptation or Wendy and Richard Pini's ElfQuest comics to Rawson Marshall Thurber, but when he faced the fans at Comic-Con, way back in 2008, he seemed to win them over rather easily.

A large part of how he did this was through promising to consult, and to ensure the approval of the Pinis.

In 2009, Thurber submitted his screenplay and then… nothing. Nothing public, anyhow. In February of this year, Warner Bros. renewed their option (likely looking to plug a Potter shaped hole) and, frankly, that single act was a great sign. They also attached Lorenzo Di Bonaventura to produce, and that's encouraging too.

Now, though, things look yet better, as Deadline have named a new writer for the project:

Joe Ahearne has sold an untitled supernatural thriller pitch to Warner Bros… It's the British writer's second deal with Warner Bros, which recently hired him to rewrite ElfQuest for Rawson Thurber to direct. Thurber wrote the original draft. Ahearne will write ElfQuest and start the new pitch at the same time.

As regards this "supernatural thriller" we know no more than in the paragraph above but Ahearne, we know from his Ultraviolet TV show, and his work on Doctor Who and This Life. And ElfQuest was a rites of passage comic book back when I could stand upright without help and felt like I still had rites to pass.

Though the comic seems at first to be straight fantasy in a quasi-Tolkien style there's a lot of sci-fi elements, including some Chariots of the Gods stuff. It's a real oddball milieu, a blend of a lot of varied tropes, and I'll be interested to see what remains in any finished movie.

When we finally get one…

Way back in the mid 90s, the Pinis tried to get an ElfQuest film going with producer Edward Pressman. They've posted a whole slew of Wendy's storyboards from 1994 and 1995 online, tucked away at the bottom of their "online comics" page. You'd hope, I think, that she'll also be working with Thurber on the current attempt to mount the film.

So, Elf Quest lives. More when we have it.