First Official Image Of Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor And Some Unofficial Paparazzi Pics Too

The problem with the unofficial images of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, I think, is that they show her face on. What likeness there is can only really be seen in profile.

So, that's the game with the official image. And it's in black and white too, to silence any distracting subtleties in the skin colour difference. As for Grant Bowler, who is playing Richard Taylor, they've just decided to bury half of his face in her neck.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out there was some photoshop at work there too, perhaps fiddling with the shape of her nose. Anyhow, thanks to E! for the snap.

Here's another image of Liz-ndsay, this time face on. I don't feel that I should tell you where it came from or link back to the source because they've made their own, obstructive provisions for credit.

Perhaps most interesting are these full-body shots which feature both Lohan and Bowler. They come from The Daily Mail.

It would seem that the swimsuit, if not the hair, or lack of small child, is based upon this famous image of Taylor.

Liz & Dick is being produced for TV. I'll be curious to see what it's audience is – there can't be much of a cross over between those who will give Lohan much time and those who are interested in Taylor and Burton.