First Villain Photo And An Interesting Fact About The Human Centipede Part 2

The Human Centipede: Full Sequence may have been refused a certificate in this country, but that won't stop us bringing you fresh updates and teaser footage as they start to leak through. Writer-director Tom Six seems to have returned to the slow reveal marketing ploy despite the BBFC's spoiler-heavy summary of the film, and after the recently-released Australian teaser trailer which went the Paranormal Activity route of showing people supposedly reacting to the film, tomorrow we'll be seeing a trailer from IFC with actual footage from the movie.

Until then, enjoy these two little tidbits. First of all, the film was shot in black and white. An attempt to make it more artsy? A nod to classic horror movies? Who knows.

We also have the first photo of the film's villain, Martin, who according to Six is "the sickest bastard of them all".

I'm a little worried here because actor Laurence R. Harvey is a "newcomer", a word which often means "non-actor" and can result in a slightly dodgy performance. But since Six apparently scoured the country trying to find just the right man for the job, he obviously saw something in Harvey. All I can see at the moment is an unhappy chubby man staring into the camera, but I'll wait until the teaser trailer tomorrow to say more.