Gary Oldman's Flying Horse Has Added Amanda Seyfried But Probably Won't Be Happening Anytime Soon

amanda seyfried

Gary Oldman sounds pretty frustrated about trying to get his first directing gig since 1997's Nil By Mouth off the ground.

Flying Horse seems to have all the makings of a prestige project. Oldman will star in it, alongside Ralph Fiennes, Benedict Cumberbatch and now Amanda Seyfried. The true life tale of photography pioneer Eadweard Muybridge involves adultery, murder and legal drama (and yes, probably some cool camera science too).

But Oldman tells Absolutely Magazine (Go4Everyone / F Yeah Gary Oldman via Up and Comers) that even with everything going for it, he's still having difficulty putting it all together:

The script doesn't fit their model. It's called Flying Horse and it's a real story. I have Ralph Fiennes in at the moment, Amanda Seyfried, Benedict Cumberbatch, and me. And it's not enough because they have to make their movie for $15 million and they have got to have their model. You need someone who will actually be a risk taker. It's set in San Francisco but you could save yourself $100k if you do three weeks in Romania and then you get a tax subsidy if you do a week in Ireland. It's fucking eye-crossing!

I do hope he gets everything together because all the pieces seems perfectly intriguing and I want to see this movie. Paging Megan Ellison!

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