Iron Man 3's Eric Savin Will Be James Badge Dale – Should We Expect Coldblood-7?

It looks like Iron Man 3 is going to find room for a little Project: Ultra amongst the Extremis plot lines as James Badge Dale is lining up to join the cast as Eric Savin.

Dale was last seen in The Grey and Shame, and he already has a couple of big tentpoles lined up for next summer – The Lone Ranger and World War Z. It's like the Fassbender effect all over again.

In Marvel's comics, I'm told, Savin is a US military man who gets involved in the Project: Ultra cybernetics scheme. Lucky for him, as he soon enough steps on a landmine and ends up being rebuilt with their kind of robotics, being transformed into Coldblood-7.

I'll wager that they go down a slightly different path in Iron Man 3 seeing as there's so much nanotech flying around, but I think an Iron Man/Coldblood fight is probably very likely.

I wish Variety had more info, but they don't, just the actor, the role and the film. Should anything else turn up, we'll let you know.

In the meantime, here's Dale pointing a gun much like his four colour counterpart in the picture above. LIKE TOTAL SWIPE FILE, MAN.