Linda Lovelace Biopic – Lindsay Lohan Out, Malin Akerman In, Spin Happens

Matthew Wilder has been planning Inferno, his Linda Lovelace* biopic for some years now, and Lindsay Lohan had been attached to star for a good long while. Filming was regularly stalled, however, as Ms. Lohan took detours to rehab, the courtroom and prison.

For all of that time, Wilder publicly stood by his star, but – perhaps inevitably – stories began to bubble up in just the last few days that Ms. Lohan would finally be off of the project. It was Friday when Wilder told E! that he'd be moving ahead without her:

We are withdrawing our offer from Lindsay Lohan. We are currently in negotiations… and working out the legalities of bringing [another actress] onboard… Ultimately, the impossibility of insuring [Lohan]—and some other issues—have made it impossible for us to go forward.

E! then promised that they'd exclusively reveal the identity of the new Lovelace player on Monday, but unfortunately for them, they've been scooped in the meantime. Deadline have now run a headline post that declares Watchmen's Malin Akerman has the role.

Officially, the decision to replace Lohan with Akerman was made mutually between the filmmakers and the actress, though an inability to secure insurance is a pretty definite decider and anything more than that would barely be relevant in practical terms.

Wilder's only previous movie is another biopic, of sorts. Your Name Here is an almost-kinda-Philip K. Dick picture that relates to the writer in the way that, for example, David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch does to William Burroughs. Without knowing the obvious ambition, sincerity, and relative merit of that film I don't think Inferno would barely make a blink of interest on my radar, and all of this brouhaha would have been stepped over like so much more Lohan detritus, but as it is, I think Wilder is interesting and his new film has every hope of being so too.

*Don't know who Lovelace is? Then Google her. At work. With the safe search turned off. Or Netflix Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's pretty good documentary Inside Deep Throat and keep your job.