Lying In The Gutters – 18th January 2010

Enjoy Batman, Aquaman and a bloody big whale, courtesy of Neal Adams and Frank Miller's upcoming Batman: Odyssey.

This has officially been Bleeding Cool's biggest week since the site launched in June. Even during the week of Disney buying Marvel and Paul Levitz resigning, it didn't come close.

So what made it quite so massive?

Well, exclusive stories about Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer's engagement, Bill Jemas on the board of Valiant Entertainment, the regretted cancellation of S.W.O.R.D. analysing the Diamond catalogue leak, and working out one or two things in the process probably contributed.

Then there was the Dark Horse message to retailers about the Buffy leak, looking at the use of the word 'repugnant' and Chris Ryall trying to put a lid on it all.

But even pieces about the Superman Energy TV ad, Simon Pegg's TV talking to him, Diamond's Top Ten lists of the year and Peter David tweaking Rob Liefeld over Shatterstar were very popular.

I pondered possibilities regarding Swipe Files of The Book Of Eli and The Mask, Bill Schanes of Diamond Comics Distribution went on the record about the changes of distribution of 2000AD and I looked at the most influential book in America, today of all days.

I asked about the Jim Shooter lawsuit, Marvel's odd Deadpool promotion, Zenescope's even odder competition, and if we had a date for the final Scott Pilgrim.

Then Bleeding Cool gave away the first chapter of Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp's No Hero, gave you a first look at Alan Moore and Jacen Burrow's Neonomicon,

I learnt about Diamond snuggling back with Wizard a bit and new Starman joining the JLA as I looked into news releases from DC regarding Justice League International, Authority, Birds Of Prey, Legion, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman…. and a bomb scare there. While Marvel gave us Liefeld drawing Deadpool and a woman writing stories about women.

There was plenty of marvellous Mark Millar media manipulation over Sam Raimi, Martin Scorsese and the Kick Ass controversy, some Bad Byrne Panels, a smidgen of Hellboy gambling, and the first turn of the wheel of a round table with many providers of digital comics asking how the iSlate will affect us all.

And with columns by Josh Adams, Si Spurrier, Adi Tantimedh, well who could blame more people visiting Bleeding Cool, and for longer, that ever before?

Oh and sorry about problems with the forums and the board… should be fixed in a jiffy.

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