Marvel Comics Epic And Complete Collections TPBs For Late 2020 and 2021

We looked at a bunch of Omnibuses planned by Marvel Comics for the end of 2020 and 2021. We've now got a few titles for Epic and Complete Collection trade paperbacks for the same time period – more details will follow I'm sure.

  • Ghost Rider: Robbie Reyes – The Complete Collection Paperback – August 25, 2020 by Tradd Moore, Damion Scott, Kris Anka, Danilo Beyruth, Sebastian Girner – Robbie Reyes is the newest Ghost Rider – with a twist! He's got a sweet ride, but the car is haunted by a vengeful spirit named Eli, and it's hell on wheels! When Robbie's East L.A. neighborhood is overrun by Mr. Hyde's drug-fueled gang violence, can he use this new power to put vengeance in overdrive -or will he submit to Eli's darkness? When Johnny Blaze shows up, hellfire sparks will fly in a street race to eternal damnation! And when Robbie learns a shocking truth about his absent parents, will it push him over the edge? Plus: A mysterious crash-landing brings Robbie face to face with Amadeus Cho, X-23 and Silk! And Ghost Rider goes metal in a wild "What If" featuring music, monsters and Marvel! ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER (2014) 1-12, GHOST RIDER (2016) 1-5, WHAT IF? GHOST RIDER (2018) 1
  • Avengers West Coast Epic Collection: Tales to Astonish Paperback – August 18, 2020 by Bob Hall, Steve Englehart, Al Milgrom, Tom Defalco, David Michelinie – Zodiac attack! Scorpio's insidious android Zodiac have wiped out the original group, and now they're targeting the West Coast Avengers! The astrological androids plan an infiltration, but do the Avengers have a countermove up their sleeves? As Moon Knight hunts down the last surviving member of the original Zodiac, Scorpio's endgame is revealed – but there's a twist! Plus, ghosts from Mockingbird's past return to torment her! And when the Whackos investigate the fate of Hank Pym's deceased wife, it kicks off a tale to astonish that leads them through Latveria and behind the Iron Curtain! Plus, the Grandmaster has a deadly game for both teams of Avengers! And when Doctor Doom conquers the world, can Wonder Man stand alone? WEST COAST AVENGERS (1985) 25-37, WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUAL (1986) 2, AVENGERS ANNUAL (1967) 16, MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL (1982): EMPEROR DOOM
  • Avengers Academy: The Complete Collection Vol. 3 Paperback – August 18, 2020 by Sean Chen, Tom Raney, Tom Grummett, Karl Moline, Christos Gage – New students, new teachers, new campus – same life-threatening dangers! The Avengers Academy has moved to California, and thrown open its doors to all young adventurers – including X-23, Lightspeed and the new White Tiger! And they're joined by an additional instructor: Hawkeye! But tragedy strikes when a faculty member is murdered, and the killer hides in their midst! Can the old and new students band together to root out the traitor? Plus, when war erupts between the Avengers and the X-Men, that conflict brings the teenage mutants from Utopia to the Academy…but are they guests or prisoners? When Sebastian Shaw strikes, it may not matter! Graduation day draws near for the students – but when a corporate magnate plots to "cure" the world of super heroes, will any of them make it to their final exams? AVENGERS ACADEMY (2010) 21-39
  • Iron Man Epic Collection: The Fury of the Firebrand Paperback – August 11, 2020 by Don Heck, George Tuska, Johnny Craig, Herb Trimpe, Archie Goodwin, Gerry Conway, Allyn Brodsky, Mimi Gold – Revolution in Latin America and a mechanical visitor from outer space keep Iron Man fighting and you turning pages, but when the Spymaster puts together an elite team with one objective – destroy Stark Industries – the pieces for an Iron Man crossover classic come together. Only with the combined forces of Nick Fury, Daredevil and Madame Masque can our hero have a chance of overturning the Spymaster and the power of the Zodiac Key. It's an adventure as only Marvel makes them. Also featuring the Controller; the politically charged Firebrand; the first appearance of Howard Stark and the debut of the Guardsman, who will fight with Iron Man as each hero's abilities are pushed to their limits – with tragic consequences. IRON MAN (1968) 25-46 AND DAREDEVIL (1964) 73
  • Spider-Girl: The Complete Collection Vol. 3 Paperback – August 11, 2020 by Chris Batista, Tom Defalco, Pat Olliffe, Ron Frenz – Who will lead the New York underworld? Will the Green Goblin go good or give grief? What secret is Mary Jane keeping? And who is the mysterious new Spider-Man? There are plenty of questions to answer as the adventures of May "Mayday" Parker continue! As a vicious gang war heats up, Spider-Girl struggles to keep order – but when a longtime foe is killed in the crossfire, May finds herself targeted by his family! Can the newest New Warriors help Spider-Girl win the war and survive two vengeance-crazed villains? Wall-crawling gets crowded when a new Scarlet Spider swings into action – and Peter Parker mulls a return to the webs! But even with her dad as backup, can May defeat Apox the Omega Skrull? Plus, startling secrets of Mayday's past are revealed! Guest-starring the Fantastic Five! SPIDER-GIRL (1998) 33-50
  • Avengers by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 Paperback – August 11, 2020 by Adam Kubert, Dustin Weaver , Mike Deodato, Stefano Caselli, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer – The last White Event changes everything as Jonathan Hickman's sprawling Avengers saga continues! The Starbrand has manifested, but will he be Earth's mightiest hero…or the biggest threat to the Avengers' world? Meanwhile, tensions run high between the Black Panther and the Sub-Mariner as hidden connections between the events of AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS begin to be revealed! Earth's Origin Sites go active, signaling something ancient out in the cosmos! The terrorist scientists of A.I.M. unveil their latest scheme! The High Evolutionary stakes his claim on the Children of the Sun! Hyperion learns the true cost of the decisions he made in the Savage Land! And the techno-titan Terminus returns! Plus, a solo tale of the newest Avenger – Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu! AVENGERS (2012) 6-17, NEW AVENGERS (2013) 7, MATERIAL FROM SHANG-CHI: MASTER OF KUNG FU (2009) 1
  • Incredible Hercules: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 Paperback – August 11, 2020 by Clayton Henry, Rodney Buchemi, Takeshi Miyazawa, Dietrich Smith, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente – The Greek Goliath is looking for some R&R – and hopes to find it in the arms of Namora! But there's no rest for warriors when the Amazons attack Atlantis! What strange artifact are they searching for, and how do they plan to reshape the entire world? Amadeus Cho picks a side, but it might not be Herc's! Then, a classic origin tale is spun as Hercules' ancient ascent from mere mortal to Olympian god is finally revealed! And as Hera consolidates power in the Olympus Group, Herc clashes with Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers, including his half brother Ares! Plus, a terrible threat to the Dark Elves is a job for Thor! But what happens if the Odinson is unavailable? Presenting Thor-cules! (Hercu-Thor?) And at long last, Amadeus Cho learns the truth about what happened to his family! INCREDIBLE HERCULES (2007) 121-137
  • Black Panther Epic Collection: Panther's Prey TPB
  • Captain America Epic Collection: Monsters And Men TPB
  • Master Of Kung Fu Epic Collection: Traitors To The Crown TPB
  • Daredevil Epic Collection: Last Rites TPB
  • Doctor Strange Epic Collection: Alone Against Eternity TPB
  • Incredible Hulk Epic Collection Vol. 15 TPB
  • Man-Thing By Steve Gerber: The Complete Collection Vol. 3 TPB
  • Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Who Will Judge The Hulk? TPB
  • Iron Man By Mike Grell: The Complete Collection TPB
  • X-Factor Epic Collection Vol. 2 TPB
  • Avengers Epic Collection: Heavy Metal TPB
  • Conan The Barbarian: The Original Marvel Years Epic Collection Vol. 2 TPB
  • X-Force Epic Collection Vol. 3 TPB
  • X-Men Epic Collection: The Fate Of The Phoenix TPB
  • Thor: The Eternals Saga – The Complete Collection TPB
  • Tomb Of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol. 4 TPB

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