Marvel Now What #1 Gets Some New Comedy Names – Sara Benincasa, Lucas Hazlett And Elliott Kalan

MVLNOWWHAT001Marvel Now What #1 was solicited with writers Skottie Young, Scott Adsit, Gerry Duggan, Wyatt Cenac, Brian Posehn, Sara Schaefer and more.

It's now been designated who does what and a few more names have been added to the pile. Wyatt Cenac and Gerry Duggan will just provide plot, while Elliott Kalan and Brian Posehn will provide scripts, [that was the official information that went out, editor Tom Brennan however states that all four will co-write their respective stories] with Skottie Young, Sara Schaefer, Lucas Hazlett, Scott Adsit, Sara Benincasa, Elliott Kalan, and Tom Peyer credited as full writers.

New names include Sara Benincasa, comedy blogger, vlogger, author and stage performer, with a line in bath-based interviews and a previous credit in Marvel's Shame Itself a couple of years ago. And Lucas Hazlett, a New York comedy improv performer and MTV writer. And Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan will presumably be scripting Wyatt Cenac's plot.

You know what, just this one book is going to really help Marvel's position on the Gendercrunching and Rececrunching charts for October… here's some example of the new names' work.




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