The Wachowskis Tipped To Direct Justice League Movie

Now that Ben Affleck has made it pretty clear he's not taking up the reins of Warner Bros.' Justice League movie, it's time for some other rumours to get bubbling.

Now, it flies in the face of what Bleeding Cool have heard, but a new report from Moviehole it that Andy and Lana Wachowski are contenders for the gig.

Superficially it seems to make sense. Moviehole are a nice lot, they could have a very good source, and The Wachowskis have The Matrix to trade on, let alone the upcoming Cloud Atlas.

It's just that… there's something else we're trying to really nail down and get firmed up here at Bleeding Cool. Something that would suggest The Wachowskis won't be working on this movie.

And that they're very possibly going to be working on something else. Something that they're likely to feel a lot more personally invested in right now.

Ah, anyway. I don't know if there's time or room for both projects. Maybe there is. You know I'm trying to put together a puzzle here when I've only got a small handful of pieces.

But for now, surveying the situation, it still looks to me like Justice League is Ruben Fleischer's gig to turn down.

Perhaps we'll be finding out very soon…