Thomas Kretschmann Cast In Avengers: Age Of Ultron As Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker – (UPDATE: Multi-Movie Deal)

thomas kretschmannThe chief villainous force in the second Avengers film is expected to be Ultron, the artificial intelligence. His name is in the title, after all.

But the bot won't be alone in causing problems for Fury's happy family, with Thomas Kretschmann now joining the cast as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

His casting was first reported at The Wrap though, at this moment, they're not naming the character.

Only a matter of minutes, I think… but it's definitely Strucker, when they get around to it.

In the comics, the contemporary version of Strucker is a resurrected corpse. There was also a Life Model Decoy version, and then there's also a lot of material with Strucker at the time of the second world war. It's not yet known which of these we'll be seeing in the film, and it may yet be even another different interpretation.

UPDATE: The Wrap have now added Strucker's name, saying that he is

a Nazi officer working for terrorist organization HYDRA who runs up against both Captain America (Chris Evans) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

SECOND UPDATE: Borys Kit at THR is saying that Kretschmann's deal is for multiple movies. Par for the course with Marvel, I think, but worth noting.