Pere Perez Replaces Ken Lashley on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12

The solicits for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 have certainly been in the wars. Initially it was solicited thus: FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #12 (W) Tom Taylor (A) Juan Cabal (CA) Andrew Robinson We haven't seen Mary Jane Watson since #1, but that's about to change with this almost ALL-MJ issue! MJ saves Spidey, helps Aunt May […]

First Official Mickey Mouse From Marvel Comics For D23

First Official Mickey Mouse in the Marvel Universe For D23

Marvel Comics #1000 features a couple of scenes without Marvel Universe characters. One with Miracleman and Miraclewoman reading the first Marvel Comics #1, from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. And another with Darth Vader crashing his Tie Fighter, from Charles Soule and Terry Dodson. But for the upcoming D23 event, they are adding a third. […]

The Bankruptcy Of Loot Crate

The Bankruptcy Of Loot Crate, the Subscription Service That Changed Comics

Loot Crate was the monthly subscription service that launched an industry amongst the geek demographic, upturned the comic book industry, doubled the sales of Marvel's Star Wars comic to over a million, made Bravest Warriors from Boom the second best-selling comic in one month with over half a million. made Escape From New York/Little China […]

Seven More Pages From Spawn #300

Seven More Pages From Spawn #300

It seems to be Todd McFarlane Day in Bleeding Cool today. For no obvious reason. Anyway, talking of which, here's a look at seven pages from Spawn #300… We have three pages by Greg Capullo with inks by Todd McFarlane. One page with pencils by Jerome Opeña and inks by Todd McFarlane. Three pages with […]

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From The Ashes – Rob Liefeld's Replacement for Youngblood?

Rob Liefeld does not own Youngblood. He hasn't owned Youngblood for some time. He sold to Rip Media a fair few years ago, and they recently sold it to Andrew Rev. So, as well as giving a firm publishing date for Brigade, he's also planning something new. Posting on Facebook… Building a new squad. I'll […]

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Ryan Benjamin to Launch His New Comic Spark Through Graphite App – Joined by Nick Seluk's Heart and Brain and Scott Kurtz' PVP

You may have read on Bleeding Cool about the Graphite Comics app, a free-with-ads-or-pay-with-no-ads digital comics distributor. And now, it seems, a publisher in its own right. Today Graphite is are publishing their first Graphite Original Series, Spark, created by Ryan Benjamin. Artist on the likes of Ghost, Suicide Squad, Grifter, WildC.A.T.s, Iron Man, Black Panther vs. Deadpool […]

DC Comics Reveals Four Of The Infected Secret Six – Do We Have the Other Two?

Pulled from DC's upcoming November solicitations (going live at 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm BST tomorrow) we have the Superman/Batman related one-shotsolicits revealing four of the Secret Six infected DC Universe characters with their Dark Dimensional counterpart. The Infected: King Shazam! #1 and The Infected: Scarab #1 join the already-solicited Hawkman #18, Supergirl #36 and Batman/Superman #4. That confirms […]

The Batman/Medieval Spawn and Angela/X-Men Crossovers That Neil Gaiman Never Wrote

The Batman/Medieval Spawn and Angela/X-Men Crossovers That Neil Gaiman Never Wrote

Comic book journalist and historian Daniel Best is serialising certain chapters from his book The World Versus Todd McFarlane and I suddenly realise I need a copy. A detailed look at the legal battles Todd McFarlane has been involved with over the years, just these evtracts add much to recent direct market comic book history. […]

Event Leviathan Mindless Speculation – Is It Maxwell Lord?

Event Leviathan saw its third issue published yesterday. The identity of Leviathan is still up in the air. Bleeding Cool had previously run the idea that it may be a minion of Amanda Waller, who has used her access to gain real power behind-the-scenes, along the lines of an episode of Sherlock. But Bleeding Cool reader […]

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The Legion Of Super-Heroes Preview That Didn't Appear In Today's DC Comics

The reasons for the recall and demanded destruction of the first Printings of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 are still very unclear. Bleeding Cool ran a theory, nothing more, that it could have been down to the portrayed ethnic identity of the new Lightning Lad being different to that seen in previews and promotional artwork […]

Shazam #7 to Be 13 Weeks Late – the Week Before Shazam #8?

As I was picking up my weekly fix from London's Orbital Comics this morning, I heard a couple of people asking for Shazam to be dropped off their pull lists. The series by Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham timed to come out alongside the movie, has been rather erratic, and Bleeding Cool has reported each […]

Supergirl #33 Sells Copies For Up to $50 on eBay Today

Last week, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics were telling retailers to destroy incoming copies of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33, with the reason given that these comics were solicited as DC Year of The Villain: Dark Gifts tie-in titles. Bleeding Cool is dubious about these reasons and look forward to comparing the […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #27 – and the Gender Politics of Being a SuperVillain (Ess?)

The current Amazing Spider-Man has made much of a new supervillain gang, an all-female version of the Sinister Six, known as the Sinister Syndicate. Today's Amazing Spider-Man #27 lays out why, in the Marvel Universe, such a thing may be both necessary and desirable, as their target is Spider-Man's roommate and previous Sinister Six leader, […]