Dino-Riders Are Back From Mattel as a EE Exclusive

The Dino-Riders are back as Mattel announced the Entertainment Earth exclusive figure set. If you don't remember, Dino-Riders started with an animated series to promote the Tyco toy line. The series was short-lived with only 14 episodes but left a mark many kids. The show focused on a simple premise of good vs. evil on a prehistoric Earth. The Valorians and Rulon Alliances were sent back from the future and each chose how to tame the dinosaurs, with the befriending the Valorianslike did or the brainwashing might of the evil Rulon's. Mattel is bringing this classic concept back starting with a 15-pack set of figures. These Dino-Riders figures are not like what we remember but are more closely related to single color detail like a classic bucket of army men. From dinosaurs, standing fighters, and riders, this set is packed with all the necessary equipment to destroy or protect prehistoric Earth. With the way Mattel has been handling Masters of the Universe, I would not be surprised to see the return of bigger and badder dino toys later on. The Dino-Riders mini-figure set is expected to release in February 2021 and can be found here. The 15-pack set is priced at $19.99 and will be a nice re-introduction to the classic 1980's series for fans old and new.

Dino Riders Mini-Figure 15-Pack – Price:  $19.99 Description:

  • Harness the Power of Dinosaurs!
  • Heroic Valorian Dino-Riders vs. the evil Rulon warriors!
  • Exclusive battle pack includes 6 dinosaurs and 15 other figures.
  • Features classic characters such as Krulos, Bitor, Boldar, and Llahd!
  • Inspired by the 1980s toy line and Dino-Riders animated series.
Dino-Riders are Back from Mattel as a EE Exclusive
Credit: Mattel

"Entertainment Earth Exclusive! It's the heroic Valorians versus the evil Rulon Alliance in this exciting Dino-Riders Rulon Warriors Battle Pack – Entertainment Earth Exclusive. Recreate epic battle sequences inspired by the 1980s toy line and Dino-Riders animated series or create your own new adventures! This special edition collection contains 6 dinosaurs and 15 other figures, including such classic characters as Rulon leader Krulos, Bitor, Boldar, and Dino-Riders hotshot Llahd. Whether you're discovering Dino-Riders for the first time or you've been a fan since you were a kid, you do not want to miss this sensational opportunity to Harness the Power of Dinosaurs! Each figure measure approximately 1-inch tall and the dinos measure approximately up to 7-inches long. Ages 6 and up."

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