Here Are the Problems with Hasbro's New Star Wars Rancor HasLab

Hasbro's new Star Wars: The Black Series HasLab campaign is bringing the Rancor to life right out of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Not only is this the first The Black Series crowdfunding campaign, but it's the first campaign to be leaked and seems to be at a standstill. There are plenty of reasons this campaign is not moving, and one of the biggest issues is the price. Do not get me wrong, I am sure Hasbro has to pay royalties to Disney or Lucasfilm, which is understandable. However, the Rancor stands 17" tall, has a 42" long arm length, features 45 points of articulation, and has a $350 price tag. This is the exact same price as the Marvel Legends X-Men Sentinel, which featured swappable pieces, attachments, LED effect, stood over 40" tall, and much more. It just seems unreasonable to dish out the same price for a figure will fewer features, due to the fact it is under the Star Wars title.

It does seem like Hasbro is really trying to push this Star Wars HasLab campaign by already revealing 2 tiers before backing with the final 2 their reveals dropping this Friday. This seems to be unprecedented with other HasLab campaigns, but so far, it is not looking good. The first two tier unlocks consisted of a card backed Gamorrean Guard with new deco and a bone accessory pack with a cardboard backdrop. As far as tier unlocks go, the fact that Malakilla was the first tier was a disappointment. A Gamorrean Guard is a nice figure, but we can still buy the already released The Black Series figure, so give fans something worthy of getting $350. If you are going to release figures that relate to the Rancor there, easy characters would be Malakilla, Oola the Twi'lek, and Luke Skywalker with bone.

The price is quite high, the backing rewards are not interesting enough, and the lack of marketing excitement really puts it down. I am a massive Star Wars fan, and unless these last two their unlocks, I think my money will go towards the Ghostbusters Plasma Series Proton Pack replica. The biggest pro for owning the Rancor HasLab would be collecting the 40th Return of the Jedi Anniversary figures that will release in 2022 and 2023, allowing fans to slowly build up Jabba's Palace. The Rancor is a beautiful and powerful Star Wars beast, but the lack of marketing and fun behind the figure makes it a sad HasLab. With a lower price and better tier rewards, this creature would have backed instantly and if this last tier unlocks do not impress then I feel that this will be one of the first HasLab campaigns to not be backed. Check out the campaign right here to see if it is worth your time and money, and be on the lookout for its final paint reveal, and the last tier unlocks.

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