NECA's TMNT Cartoon Line Muckman Is A High Point For The Line

After a couple of month's break, the NECA cartoon TMNT line is coming back full force late summer and fall with a plethora of releases. The two latest, Muckman and Mondo Gecko, are Ultimate editions, packed with extras in the already iconic old-school VHS style packaging.  Of the two, Muckman was iffy to me. He was never one of my favorite characters on the show, which I know is sacrilege to many of you reading this. But I was on the fence if I needed him or not. NECA sent over the figure for us to take a look at, and now that I have had Muckman in hand, I could not be happier to have him.

TMNT Fans Get The Muckman Of Their Dreams

The MOC collectors have got to be loving these Ultimate TMNT releases. I had all of the cartoon series VHS tapes, so seeing that font and layout really kicks me in the nostalgia bone. Not to mention it is some of the best executed in the game today. I have said this before; I really wish I kept those MOC, but that is just not what I do. So, I shall open it.

Muckman is a perfect example of how NECA is taking the TMNT cartoon off the screen and into our hands perfectly. This figure looks like he shambled out of my television and onto the counter. The colors are perfect, and that green! I love gnarly looking figures and weird creatures, and this one would fit into those shelves very nicely. He is a beefy monster, with some good weight to him. The nice thing is that the weight is distributed nicely so he is not too top heavy.

All the joints are great, the articulation points do not stick like on earlier figures, and the swappable hands are easy to interchange. Even his vest comes off easily. What is not easy to swap is the mouth piece, that took some doing. My favorite part of this figure is Joe Eyeball, who actually looks cute! He fits very well in his trashcan and there is a tab on it so it can hang off Muckman's back perfectly. NECA also included a can of slime to complete the look, and while I usually hate that kind of stuff, this slime is not messy at all and easy to spread around the figure to really make him pop.

NECA's TMNT Cartoon Line Muckman Is A High Point For The Line

I love this figure, and even if you do not collect TMNT this Muckman is a great monster figure for anyone who just like to collect those types of figures. Muckman is shipping from NECA from their preorders now, and can be found in Target stores as well.

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