2019 Clickmas Savior Award Nominee: Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski

In the cutthroat world of comics "journalism," reporters can't just sit around and wait for the news to happen. We have to make the news happen, whatever the cost. And in an internet click economy that incentivizes quantity over quality, there's nothing more important than having a few good sources that are always good for a salacious clickbait headline to drive page views on a slow news day. Be it a comic book creator whose Twitter feed is a veritable wellspring of clickbait article material, a topic that readers just can't seem to get enough of even if an article contains virtually no actual new substance, an evergreen source of never-ending controversy, or, if you are a website like ComicBook.com, the Popeye's f**king chicken sandwich, every website benefits from finding a few of these and mining them for content throughout the year.

Some websites are ashamed of what they have to do to pay the bills, but not us here at Bleeding Cool. We celebrate our clickbait heroes, and that's why, on this holy day of Clickmas, we're launching the first annual Bleeding Cool Clickmas Savior Award. Throughout Clickmas Day, we're going to post our nominees for the 2019 Clickmas Savior Award, and then at the end we'll let you vote on them to let us know which one you want to see us continue to create endless clickbait articles about in the coming year. Well, let's not kid ourselves, we're going to continue making clickbait articles about all of them, but we still want to know which one you like the best.

In the true spirit of Clickmas, we're going to be posting one article for each nominee and then one additional article for the voting, and finally, one more article to reveal the results of the voting, in order to garner the maximum number of clicks. So keep checking back all Clickmas Day and refreshing the front page to see all of the nominees, because it's not like you ought to be spending time with your families or anything like that. Certainly, they aren't going to have a poll for you to vote in, and so what good are they anyway?

The first nominee for the inaugural Clickmas Savior Award is… Marel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski!

2019 Clickmas Savior Award Nominee: Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski

The once and, if we're being honest, probably future at some point Akira Yoshida is the top editor at Marvel Comics. That means the buck stops at his desk, and the clicks begin there as well. As the man responsible for Marvel's general direction, we can thank him for lots of clickable headlines, but the best ones come when he puts his foot in his mouth on Twitter with nonsense like claiming to have an idea to sell a million copies of a comic, then coyly refusing to specify what that idea is so that each obvious attempt, like Marvel Comics #1000 or a Star Wars relaunch that fails to justify that claim can be discarded and he can scold comics news websites for inferring that's the one he was talking about. Or criticizing his own own employees in public, or claiming Marvel is going to make death in comics mean something again right before it becomes even more meaningless in the X-books.

As we said above, no matter what he or Marvel may say about it today, you know damn well that eventually he's going to write a comic as Akira Yoshida one day. Hell, we'd buy it, just for the train wreck value alone. And you know you'd buy it too. Maybe that'll be the one that sells a million copies after all, for Akira Yoshida's 20th-anniversary in 2003. We'd put the odds of Akira Yoshida landing an ongoing series above fellow nominee Chris Claremont landing one, if we're being honest. So it's clear that Cebulski is a strong contender for the Clickmas Savior award this or any other year, at least for as long as he's able to hang onto power.

Keep checking back all day as we reveal all nine nominees for the 2019 Bleeding Cool Clickmas Savior Award. Merry Clickmas to all, and to all a good night!

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