2019 Clickmas Savior Award Nominee: X-Mastermind Jonathan Hickman

In the cutthroat world of comics "journalism," reporters can't just sit around and wait for the news to happen. We have to make the news happen, whatever the cost. And in an internet click economy that incentivizes quantity over quality, there's nothing more important than having a few good sources that are always good for a salacious clickbait headline to drive page views on a slow news day. Be it a comic book creator whose Twitter feed is a veritable wellspring of clickbait article material, a topic that readers just can't seem to get enough of even if an article contains virtually no actual new substance, an evergreen source of never-ending controversy, or, if you are a website like ComicBook.com, the Popeye's f**king chicken sandwich, every website benefits from finding a few of these and mining them for content throughout the year.

Some websites are ashamed of what they have to do to pay the bills, but not us here at Bleeding Cool. We celebrate our clickbait heroes, and that's why, on this holy day of Clickmas, we're launching the first annual Bleeding Cool Clickmas Savior Award. Throughout Clickmas Day, we're going to post our nominees for the 2019 Clickmas Savior Award, and then at the end we'll let you vote on them to let us know which one you want to see us continue to create endless clickbait articles about in the coming year. Well, let's not kid ourselves, we're going to continue making clickbait articles about all of them, but we still want to know which one you like the best.

In the true spirit of Clickmas, we're going to be posting one article for each nominee and then one additional article for the voting, and finally, one more article to reveal the results of the voting, in order to garner the maximum number of clicks. So keep checking back all Clickmas Day and refreshing the front page to see all of the nominees, because it's not like you ought to be spending time with your families or anything like that. Certainly, they aren't going to have a poll for you to vote in, and so what good are they anyway?

The first nominee for the inaugural Clickmas Savior Award is… X-Mastermind Jonathan Hickman!

2019 Clickmas Savior Award Nominee: X-Mastermind Jonathan Hickman

As much as we loathe his infographic pages and wish his comics were about 40% more compressed, we have to admit that Hickman really got people talking about the X-Men in 2019. From the moment his X-Men relaunch was officially announced, any article mentioning it was an instant performer. Once House of X and Powers of X launched, not only did it offer opportunity for multiple spoiler articles each week, but people stanned so hard for Hickman's X-Men that even a middle-of-the-road opinion on one of the books ignited instant outrage, which, as we know, also drives the clicks. Criticism of Hickman's X-Men is what led those teenagers to fight with Rob Liefeld on Twitter, so technically Hickman could even take credit for the two massively popular clickbait articles we wrote about that, potentially edging out his fellow nominee. And even though he's already provided so much material simply by existing, Hickman will still pop onto Twitter once in a while and trash past X-writers or talk about mutant orgies and provide bonus clickbait article headlines. How can you not love this guy?

Interest in the X-Men has waned a bit since the expansion of the franchise to include multiple books by Gerry Duggan, but that was inevitable, especially when the Hickmaniacs set their expectations so high. Even so, we know Marvel is already planning an X-Men event for 2020, so hopefully Hickman will be providing us with additional clickbait material for years to come. And maybe his story will get to the point by then as well.

Keep checking back all day as we reveal all nine nominees for the 2019 Bleeding Cool Clickmas Savior Award. Merry Clickmas (or is it Hickmas) to all, and to all a good night!

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