A Comic­Con Party With A Difference At Rich's Bar


By Joe Glass

Wednesday night, preview night of Comic­Con International 2014, and San Diego night life begins to come alive with the early parties of the convention.

If you could manage to make the trip out to Hillcrest, however, you will have discovered something a little bit different. All the way out at Rich's Bar, a popular gay bar in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, last night saw their superhero underwear contest!

Now, I'll admit, upon turning up, I was a little surprised by what I found. Initially the bar seemed pretty quiet, with only three superhero themed go­go dancers as the only sign of it's Comic­Con link. But then the show really started…and there was much more than this reporter initially expected.

There was also a drag show as part of the night, including a special birthday performance by Jackie Beat…which was admittedly much more about her birthday than any San Diego Comic Con related. However, the following Miss Pixie, well, this is where I have to pull out my drag lingo.

Miss Pixie pulled off the most SICKENIN' performance I have seen in a long time. Coming out looking fierce as hell with her Beyonce­come­Freddy Kruger look, she shocked the whole crowd (which by now was ample), face beat to perfection, clawed glove glitzed to perfection, when she pulled off her whole costume, wig and all, to reveal a SECOND comic­inspired look wearing a Jock­print Joker unitard and Joker hairstyle. The switch­up happened so fast it made me GAG…honestly, it's much better if I just show you. Here, enjoy the admittedly shoddy and far­off phone camera­work by yours truly which does not truly do this performance justice, but I just HAD to film for sharing.

Next up was the Superhero Underwear Contest…which actually turned out to be more of a Go­Go dancer tryout session where no one remembered to bring superhero underwear. Four contestants in all performed, including three studly examples of man, and a fabulously more gender­queer contestant who pushed against preconceived notions of what a go­go dancer looks and dances like…and they were amazing! All were fantastic dancers, but Danny [I'm not sure if this is the correct spelling of their name] was truly amazing, bring a Beyonce fierceness and raw sexuality and performing death­drops to stun the crowd…and thankfully, rightfully, they were the winner of the $200 prize in cash and goodies!

Getting a little more Comic­Con related again, the hostess announced that they wanted anyone and everyone with superhero or comic related undies up on stage to let the audience judge the best pair, winning the lucky wearer a one­day pass to San Diego Comic Con­­however, again, amazingly, there was literally only one guy with any kind comic­related undies, and what's more the studly, blonde twink who popped on stage revealed he was wearing Hello Kitty tightie­whities. Obviously, he was deemed the winner as everyone else had either no superhero undies or no undies at all (and I decided not to throw myself into the proceedings, as though my Marvel underwear were vastly superior, in my mind, I'm kinda already in the show for the duration, so in fairness, I refrained from dropping my trousers for the audience).

All in all, the night was not at all what I expected, nor I imagine what anyone expects from the Comic­Con after­parties…and Friday, Rich's Bar has more to come with their 10th Anniversary Heroes & Villains Party, including prizes for the best cosplay costumes. So if you're at a loss for something to do on Friday night at the con (as some creators for some publishers may now be), Rich's may well prove worth the trip.

Joe Glass is the writer and creator of LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride, available at The Pride Store and Comixology. He also co­writes horror­comedy series, Stiffs, available at it's own store too and now Comixology as well.

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