A-List Marvel Creator Admits to Tracing Other Creators' Work

While homages are a time-honored tradition in the world of comic books, it's generally considered inappropriate to directly trace the work of another creator. And yet, it happens, sometimes quite obviously, a dirty secret most creators would prefer go unnoticed. Not, however, global entertainment superstar and fashion icon Donny Cates. Cates, known by the nickname "The Bad Boy of Comics," backed by his legions of dedicated fans known as the Catesbronies, isn't afraid to talk openly about his own habits of tracing comics, specifically the cover to Venom: Lethal Protector #4 penciled by Mark Bagley and inked by Dan Panosian.

Of course, Cates was a kid when he traced the cover, not doing it for professional work, which might make it a little more understandable.

Meanwhile, Panosian put all inkers on blast.

What do you think, true believers? Can The Bad Boy be forgiven for this childhood transgression? Personally, we're inclined to let it slide so long as Cates continues to provide us with ample clickbait article material.

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